How Women are portrayed in society and how sexism plays a role

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Sexism may be defined as a negative response to a threat that is either real or imagined. In society today sexism plays a major role in terms of image, reputations, and perceptions of how women are portrayed in the media and life in general. The media relatively plays an influential role in sexism against women since the media has predetermined standards of what women should be like. Women base their expectations of society and more importantly, expectations of themselves, by what they see around them. All of us consume the media in one form or another the media sends us images that we consciously or subconsciously absorb, and create a picture in our minds of "reality", the way we believe things should be. This also affects men also since there are certain expectations that they have to live up to.

The media, entertainment icons, and school cooperatively exhibit and promote gender assimilation, although there are certain standards that men and women must live up to.

The media and entertainment icons especially, hold a strong influence on women's perspective on themselves, especially teenage girls who are going through the awkward stages of their life. Britney Spears is one of the several popular icons in the entertainment industry that plays an influential role in young women lives across the globe. While she's making millions of dollars from touring and selling albums, she's influencing the vulnerable minds of women and their perception of themselves. She's also setting standards in the from her teenage fan base perspective since they idolize her. Adolescent girls start to obsess over the fact that they have to try to look like Britney Spears by buying similar clothing she wears and constantly worry about their weight since Britney Spears pictures in the magazine looks makes it look like she's...