A World of Change

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Human society has created advancements in media technology to open a

broader attention, while promoting a growing interest. New technology such as

television is one of the latest installments of this franchise. Its' ever-increasing

popularity and influence on American culture proves how powerful new technology

can be when used in media and directed towards the society at large. High

definition television or HDTV has become one of the most sought after new markets

in communications technology.

One of the more amusing bits of levity from last week's Western Show

cam from Bill Geppert. Vice president, general manager of Cox

Communications Inc.'s San Diego system. During a Cable &

Telecommunications Association for Marketing luncheon, he noted that

58 percent of women would rather receive an HDTV set than a 1-carat

diamond for Christmas this year. The statistic actually comes from the

Consumer Electronics Association, which collected the evidence, via

survey, to point out that men aren't the only consumers of electronic

gadgetry. (Ellis)

HDTV first hit the market in 1998 and since then has been one of the hottest

items. This article is a surprisingly enthusiastic demand by both women and men

for high definition television sets because of a higher quality picture and clearer

reception lending to this growing demand. Even select programming and sporting

events have begun recording in high definition format to generate another facet of

the expanding market of HDTV. One of the latest developments in the market

supremacy for High Definition television has been the introduction of Mark Cuban

owner of the NBA Dallas Mavericks. Cuban has been quoted as saying "We

produce original programming shot in HD; they don't." The appearance of major

business mogul Mark Cuban is just another example of the amount of profit

projected from high definition programming and HDTV sales. HDnet...