World History in 1978

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This was a paper that I had to write for World History about 1978

The year 1978 posed an eventful and intriguing year. From the stressful and

exerting affairs of the world to the rising popularity in sports and entertainment. Many

factors of the year 1978 contributed greatly to the changing times and future years. Each

event played an intricate role in the overall picture of the world.

Many world news stories occurred in 1978 including the signature of China and

Japan for The Treaty of Peace and Friendship in August which led to the establishment of

normal diplomatic relations with the U.S. in December. Russia proved to have a bad

political and economic year. The trade deficit with the West jumped sharply and its

growth rate lagged. Saudi Arabia played the role of the honest broker in Arab disputes

over the Egyptian - Israeli peace negotiations in 1978 while neutralizing its ties with the

United States at the same time.

The United Nations (U.N.) sent a peacekeeping force to

Lebanon in 1978 after Israeli troops withdrew.

Moscow continued to lose authority it once possessed over the world. Communist

movement and the Eurocommunists of Italy, France, and Spain lst ground in elections.

Many noted world leaders also died in 1978. The prime minister of Australia ( Sir Robert

G. Menzies ) and Golda Meir, the prime minister of Israel were among such persons.

Another death included Jomo Kenyatia of Kenya.

Meanwhile, events in our own nations continued to stir. The years 1978 remained

a year of discontent in the United States in which war was unnoted but peace with oneself

also remained absent. The U.S. Didn't lose its influence in Asia and established

Diplomatic Relations with the Communist Regime in China. Despite differences with the

Soviet Union, The u>S.