The World of Stress.

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The World of Stress

What is stress? Stress is defined as an emotional strain caused by environmental and/or situational pressure upon an individual. Stress affects everyone and everything, that's why it is important that we all are properly educated on the subject. Everyone in this class at one time or another has gone through some sort of stress, whether just thinking about our next assignment, work or something at home. Every person has to deal with stress; stress is a part of everyday life. In certain situations stress can actually make you perform better. In everyday life we experience stress as the body adjusts to the external demands placed on it. Stress is the tension that our body exerts as it seeks to return to a steady state. When dealing with stress we should consider three important factors: What causes stress, what are the symptoms, and how to deal with stress.

A survey by Parent Time reported "...that the person who caused them the most stress is their spouse, followed by their children (36%) and their boss (14%)" (About Women & Marketing). In a marriage relationship, one of the most stressful things to deal with is divorce. The Holmes-Rahe scale converts events in a person's life into units based on the amount of stress associated with the event, divorce being rated at 73 units by itself (Kuzma and Chalmers 26). When multiple events occur the points are added up. In a divorce, for instance, the points can add up quickly. A typical divorce (if there is such a thing) can be a source of several stressful events. Some of the more stressful, according to Kuzma and Chalmers, deal with business, finance, and living standards. Business-related stress events from a "[d]ivorce can cause a business readjustment (39 life-changing units), a change...