Where Would the Gene Map Take us?

Essay by AfroditaA, December 2006

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The more our technologies develop and advance, the further along they would be able to take us. The world we live in nowadays, gives us endless possibilities and the chance of materializing all our dreams. And this is exactly what the Human Genome Project is- someone's dream of mapping out all the genes that are present in the human genome. With this dream coming true, what stops us from making other dreams coming true as well? With all the information that is available from the Human Genome Project, what would stop us from finding the cures to all those life-threatening diseases and creating the "perfect" world, inhabited by the "perfect" people? And the answer is nothing. The better the life human have, the more they would want in the future. If we do not deal properly with all the information coming from the Human Genome Project, we would have to face great consequences in the near future.

Of course, we would want to be healthy and our children not to suffer from any diseases, but can you imagine what our world would look like if all of us were "perfect", or if not initially, having the chance to be "improved"? In that case, we wouldn't be in anything different than a simple machine. Is that the future we want for ourselves or our children or would we act now and face the consequences of the Human Genome Project before it is too late?

The easiest way of understanding the Human Genome Project is by carefully studding the human nature and by asking one question- who are we? This is such a simple question that has many different answers. To our parents, we are their children, to our gym coach, we are the most amazing athlete they have ever...