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The writing style of Charles DickensCharles DickensCharles Dickens writes with imagery to create the atmosphere, the mood and to create impact for the writer's message. He uses imagery to create the atmosphere by using material object to symbolize an emotional state. Charles Dickens also elaborates on the mood of a scene by using dark and light colors and using emotion to make the scene more dramatic. Dickens uses his stories to create a change of heart in his readers.

Charles Dickens characters are a very important part of his writing he uses his characters moods and emotions to create imagery. Dickens uses time to develop his characters by painting the characters in the present time. In all of Dickens novels he has an extensive cast of characters, each of whom makes an important contribution to the plot. Despite the number of characters in the novel, each one can be easily distinguished and remembered--even when left un-mentioned for several chapters--due to Dickens's brilliant characterization techniques.

One of the methods that he employs to enhance the uniqueness of his characters involves describing them connected to their surroundings. He creates landscapes and residences that parallel the essence of the character found within. Dickens also uses the past and future to create a vivid picture in the readers mind. Colors are another very critical part in Dickens writings. He uses colors contrasting the light with the dark to create a mood for his character.

Charles Dickens uses the Victorian Era to describe the enviornment that his stories take place in. He uses the colors of the Victorian era such as different color browns, blacks, and grays to create his imagery to describe the enviornment. He also uses candles on all of his stories as a source of light against the darkness. Dickens...