Who wrote the Gospels and Why?

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Who wrote the Gospels and Why?

The new testament contains four (4) accounts of the story of Jesus' life, death and resurrection

as presented by Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, The 3 accounts are similar, while Johns bible presents Jesus

in a unique way.

These differences exist because Matthew and Luke got their information from Mark and John got

his information from another source, maybe John did not have access to the other gospels or he chose not

to use them. No one really knows the source of John's gospel and we don't know for sure who wrote the

gospels. Scholars refer to the authors as Matthew, Mark, Luke & John, this may not even be their real

names. The Gospel were not first hand accounts except for Mark.

John did not seem to have known the existence of the other 3 gospels. The Gospels were wrote

about 90 - 100 c.e.

This particular Gospel was compressed from a number oral (and perhaps a few written) stories

and sayings. The composer of Johns Gospel took some stories and arranged them in his own way.



First Stage:

-occurs during Jesus' ministry life at times of Jesus Christ

- Jesus spoke his stories to make a point and in one wrote them down , Oral Tradition.

-performed miracles

-retold some stories.

Second Stage:

-begins after death and resurrection

-Christian preachers, active, what they have seen or heard. These early Christian missionaries were forced

with such challenges as:

Could Gentiles (non-Jewish) become Christians ,directly or did they convert to Judaism first

before adopting this new Christian faith.

Statement was translated to mean that when Christians were forced with the question of whether

gentiles Christians should still practice the special Jewish food (kosher) laws or could Gentiles...