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Thesis Statement: Yellow Fever is a potentially dangerous virus but by following the right steps it can be prevented and hopefully eliminated.

I. Overview of disease

A. Basic Information

1. Causes

a) Yellow Fever virus transferred by mosquitoes to humans

b) Since 1974 only one genetic type can still be identified

c) Transmitted between monkeys and mosquitoes and then from mosquitoes to humans.

2. Symptoms

a) Incubates in body for 3-6 days before symptoms occur

b) 2 disease phases

(1) "acute" (1st phase)- is characterized by fever, muscle pain, headache, shivers, nausea, vomiting, and loss of appetite.

(2) "toxic stage"- 15% of patients. This phase can lead to kidney failure and 20-50% will die. The rest will live with minor complications.

B. Recognition

1. Difficult during early stages

2. Can be confused with many other diseases.

3. Testing is necessary to diagnose

II. Affected Location

A. Africa

1. 33 countries presently infected with the yellow fever virus.

2. 508 million people are at risk in these countries

B. Americas

1. In 9 South American countries it is an epidemic.

2. Ecuador and Peru are high risk countries.

C. Asia

1. No cases were ever reported

2. At risk of infection because of the high monkey and mosquito populations

D. World Wide

1. 200,000 cases per year with 30,000 deaths reported

2. A lot of the cases are not reported so the number of deaths may be more.

III. Treating and Preventing

A. Vaccinations

1. 17D is the vaccination for yellow fever and will prevent the virus for 10 years before you need to get another vaccination.

2. Begins to protect you one week after your vaccination

3. May last longer than ten years although it is best to get another shot after the first ten years has expired to...