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Q: I would like a refund/I have a complaint.


First of all, we are sorry you had problems using our website. We strive to continuously improve the quality of our customer support and the quality of our services. Nevertheless, we are committed to refunding anyone who hasn’t been able to use our website as advertised. We will not however, issue refunds to users who have not been able to find a specific essay or term paper, or that are unsatisfied with the quality of a specific essay. We charge for access to the entire library and not to any specific materials. Please note that we don’t refund overdraft charges.

If would like to request a refund, please be sure to provide us with:

• Your email
• Your transaction number if you have it
• Your full name

You will need to fill in the form below with the above information. We thank you for your choice and hope to see you with us once again. Please do let us know the reasons why you decided to cancel, so we can continue improving our services.

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