Have your grades improved after using WriteWork?

We've asked that question to all our members who've been with us for a while. Mind you, from a research perspective, this question can be a bit problematic. The response we get from users is completely subjective, so it isn't easy to interpret the answers. If someone replies: "WriteWork improved my grades by 10%", what does that really mean?

In the end, all we can ascertain is if users felt that using WriteWork contributed to an increase in their grades or not.

"I believe that WriteWork has affected my grade by 10%. I am able to use some of the ideas and see how each essay is setup. Many of the essays that I viewed were very well organized. This is a great site and I look forward to using it in the future. Thanks!" Neha

10%, that's not bad. This could mean that using WriteWork helped Neha go from a B- to an B+.

"Probably 20%. You guys are great. Just wish I would have tried you sooner. I would have slept more...I didn't plagiarize the paper, but it gave me a clue how to write my own. Thanks sooo much!!!" Brown_e95

"Overall I'm very happy with WriteWork it gives me the chance to explore the ideas and arguments of others in order to form my own. =] +10%" CandylandCutie

"Great site, it helped me understand some stories I was unsure of. I'd say WriteWork increased my grade by 75% as I have difficulty explaining things in writing and your samples really helped me." Sharon52

"20-30% Great site to get ideas and thoughts going!" KEChicks33

"I love the fact that I can read another's document and get a directional push for my own work. In most cases, it made the difference by 85%." G2Blessed

85%? That could mean skyrocketing from a D to a B!

"It was quite good because you got somebody else's idea of how they would write their essay and the different elements that they thought were crucial. My grades got affected by 15%, not so much, but it eased the amount of time researching." ClaytonJames

"This is a great site. The essays are of high quality. The subjects are diversified. I am impressed by the breadth of its coverage. Well done. Please continue your great work. +35%" KampingLam

The average grade increase? A staggering 19%!

From November 2009 till January 2010 we got a little over 500 survey responses.

That's huge! This is the subjective evaluation of each respondent so keep in mind the inaccuracies that can come about when doing this kind of survey. That being said, the responses have been so overwhelmingly positive that even we were surprised. WriteWork has helped users get started on their essay assignments quicker, and with better results. On the other hand, about 15% of users say that WriteWork has had "no effect". These results were also included in our calculations.

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