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Studying Soil Bacteria. Microbiology Lab.

. Flame a loop in a blue bunsen burner flame.6. Cool the loop by jabbing the loop into a portion of agar7. Insert the loop into the soil suspension8. Remove the loop, making sure that a droplet of soi ... f soil suspension is still on the loop9. Use this drop of soil suspension to plate streak, onto the agar platePlate Streaking Procedure1. Using a permanent marker, record the name of your group on the ...

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Science Report on Joint Genome Institute.

d shearing. Then, these fragments of DNA are inserted into the DNA of a bacterium. When grown on an agar plate, only the transformed bacteria with the plasmid containing the fragmented DNA with genes ...

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Identifying Micro-Organisms

rganisms found in food and water macroscopicallyAPPARATUS: Incubator Sterile nutrient agar plates1. 3 water samples2. 1 air sample3. 3 food samples Bunsen ... nfectant. Dispose of cultures after use, in an autoclave. Wash hands before leaving lab. Never open agar plate after setting upMETHOD:1. Sterilise the workbench area by swabbing alcohol on to ...

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Introduction to Microbiology (CP4089) - Experiment 4: Colony Count Methods: Viable Cell Number of Commercial Active Dried Yeasts

t enumerates the number of actual live, viable cells in the sample that form colonies on a suitable agar medium. As the optimum medium and conditions varies for one sample to another, the colony count ... cording to the medium employed, time and temperature of incubation. Each colony that appears on the agar plate arising either from a clump of cells or from a single cell is referred as a colony formin ...

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July 2006. Each product was tested 4 times, in order to achieve an accurate testing basis.Nutrient Agar plates were used to grow the samples that were collected. Firstly these plates were labelled to ... de a clear reading of the product and subject number. The following coding was used to organise the agar plates according to the product name, subject number and wether the sample was taken before or ...

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Diffusion Lab

ng the contents of the plate to a temperature of fifty degrees Celsius. The semi solid used will be Agar for this experiment and the liquids used will be Potassium Permanganate in molar concentrations ... ith a four place in each dish for Meth Blue in a molar concentration of .001M. The progress of each Agar dish will be monitored in intervals of ten minutes this will be done three times in order to co ...

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Microbiology: Viable Counts

n a sample. It counts the number of colonies produced by a very dilute suspension of bacteria on an agar plate and to observe the differential staining behaviour of the living bacteria. This involves ... d Plate Method (Lawn Culture)Materials:Dilution series prepared in (A)Sterile 1ml pipette6 nutrient agar (NA) plates1 glass hockey stick1 beaker of alcoholProcedureAll steps should be done using asept ...

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Do you really want your change back?

ntity of the unknown bacteria. This was done by swabbing and then growing the culture on a nutrient agar plate, isolating for one bacteria, Gram staining to find morphology and gram status, taking a b ... m the return change drawer of a soda machine. The swab was immediately used to inoculate a Nutrient Agar plate; a general-purpose nutrient medium used for the cultivation of microbes and put in an inc ...

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