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Red Tide

may get so out of hand that the earth will go through a dangerously dramatic change.Red Tide is an algal bloom which is an event in which estuarine, marine, or fresh water algae come together rapidly ...

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Water Pollution

known to ingest plastic. When they eat plastic, they feel full, so some of them die of starvation. Algal blooms are another thing that kills marine life. Algal blooms are sea scum, whale food, and se ...

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Algae Research

have the ability to utilise photosynthesis as means of energy, therefore categorizing it as a plant.Algal blooms occur naturally in both fresh and brackish water. The growth of algae, like the majorit ... ent on sunlight and sufficient nutrients, however when the conditions for algae are right excessive algal growth occurs, known as 'algal bloom'. Generally, these blooms occur when nutrients such as ph ...

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