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America as a "nation of immigrants"

and sixty-three percent of blacks agree that 'new immigrants take jobs away from American workers.' This isa widely held, if erroneous belief, among Americans. However, Julian L. Simon, author of The ... more than their fairshare of government services, such as welfare, medical care, and food stamps.' This belief has its roots in the nineteenth-century, when 'one of the first immigration laws was des ...

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Effects of world war 2 on american society

to fight a war. The increase in production helped to rebuild the nation after the Great Depression. This economy also decreased unemployment, achieving what the programs of the New Deal had intended t ... control a lower price on items in short supply. One item that was in short supply was that of gas. This was due to a combination of the need for its use overseas and the sinking of oil tankers in the ...

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America in the 1920's

especially a new way of living. After World War I, many new houses and apartments were built. With this, came the new American bathroom. Modern bathrooms of this time were now equipped with enameled ... toilets. These bathrooms signified American affluence, and many American families were striving for this modern home. Technology was also improving, while telephone installations in homes nearly doubl ...

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Serial Podcast

a form of reporter, in which she shares the story of a murder that occurred in Baltimore, Maryland. This critique will review the very first episode of The Serial Podcast and the quality of Sarah Koen ... l convicted and the court sentenced him to life in prison. Sarah Koenig's (the reporter) purpose in this podcast was to investigate and gain more detail for the killing of Hae Ming Lee. She questions ...

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