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TITLE- EASY RIDER This essay looks at the use of music in the film Easy Rider and how the film used pop music to guide and infulence the story.

apse of the idealistic 60s.The journey by two self-righteous, anti-hero bikers eastward through the American Southwest, is deliberately described to us through the pumping soundtrack.The excerpt to be ... ling his money up and hiding it in a tube that is kept in the petrol tank of his Harley donning the American flag. Steppenwolf's "The Pusher", a song, which is overtly against hard-drug pushers and de ...

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How mexican american historians tell the history of america from a different perspective from the standard angle historian standpoint

The contribution that Mexican Americans have made to the history of the United States of America have been omitted from our school ... ca have been omitted from our school books, and for that matter from all other media. As far as the American society at large knows, Mexican Americans had little or nothing to do with the development ... history books lack emphasis as to the importance or significance of the impact the event had on our American history.From the very inception of this great nation, Hispanics have played a pivotal role. ...

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Black Death - What it was, and what effect it had on Europe in the 13th Century.

bacillus carried by fleas, which infest certain kinds of rodents including the prairie dogs of the American southwest. In its first pass through Europe it killed about one-third of the population and ...

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Talk about the history of the Native American tribe: The Hohokam.

Prehistory: HohokamThe Hohokam, the desert farmers of the American Southwest, were centered in the middle Gila and Salt river drainage basins in the semiarid ...

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Aztlan: Separating Myth From History

d. Did Aztlan, the "mythical" homeland of the Mexica, the indigenous people of Mexico and the American Southwest, exist? I believe Aztlan did exist, but to what extent? How much of the myth is d ...

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Youth gangs an overview

exact date. The earliest recorded incidence of youth gangs dates back to 1783 or towards the end of American Revolution. Social upheaval, displaced families, and a new economy may have caused this bir ... have emerged spontaneously from pre-teen social groups or as a response to the industrialization of American culture (Block, 1996). Another theory is that youth gangs first emerged following the mexic ...

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