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use of Representatives as the chief legislative bodies. The constitution, at first, only applied to Americo-Liberians and not to the African Tribes. William Tubman, who was president from 1944-1971, m ... n. Doe became commander in chief of the army with the rank of general. He also become the first non-Americo-Liberian to head the government. After his victory in an election in 1985, Doe was elected t ...

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Liberia's recent history as it pertains to my life.

however, vastly superior in education and technology. They were the original government of Liberia. Americo-Liberians ruled Liberia from its birth or inception in 1847 until 1980. The people backed Do ...

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This Child will be Great

d. She discusses how her knowledge of the settlers was expanded as she attests that even though the Americo-Liberian settlers had more western views and values "they too were, in crucial ways, African ... early signify the intensity of these connections and the knowledge that can be gained from them.The Americo-Liberians allow us to see the shift in culture that occurs when a group goes through the dia ...

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