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essay on frogs, all around -FrogsFrog is the common name for a species ofamphibian that also includes toads. A very commonquestion is "whats the difference between frogs and ... probably the Psyllophyne Didactyla from Brazil which isabout 9.8 mm as an adult.The frogs and other amphibians of North America,and those of other continents too, are important in theway all wild thin ...

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"Amphibian Population Decrease"

There is no debate between researchers from anywhere in the world over whether or not amphibian populations have been declining. They have been. These researchers have been studying amph ... globe to discover what has been causing this alarming decrease. The truth is, the severe decline in amphibian population is directly related to the over population of humans. transitionAmphibians have ... land in 1989 were when they realized that all of them where noticing declines and disappearances of amphibian populations in every part of the world ( NAAMP 1). The most obvious reason for this was th ...

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Biology notes on Amphibians.

NotesFrogs, toads, salamanders, and newts are direct descendants from fish. Amphibians evolved from a type of lobe-finned fish. The name amphibian is from the Greek amphi, whic ... because of the fact that they can live in water, as well as on land. Fossil evidence indicates that amphibians evolved from lobe-finned fishes about 370 million years ago. Recent analysis of the DNA o ... the DNA of coelacanths and lungfishes indicates lungfishes are in fact far more closely related to amphibians than are coelacanths.Amphibians first became common during the Carboniferous period. Biol ...

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Amphibious Cars

he touch of a button? The history, production, specifications, and our personal design for a Lancer-Amphibian shall be explained in this research report. The history of the amphibious car is co ... and cars, but not trucks, ATVs, or other working machines. The first motorized attempt at an amphibian, the Magrelen Amphibium was built in Denmark, it used a combustible engine. This car and m ...

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Species Extinction

gmented habitats. Habitat loss and fragmentation is the most pervasive threat to birds, mammals and amphibian. It is affecting 86% of all threatened birds, 86% of the threatened mammals and 88% of amp ...

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Tia TripodiPeriod 412-4-13Harming AmphibiansWhat was the biology class looking for/doing and what did they find?What were the causes o ... d. While looking to collect frogs for their biology class, the class discovered a bunch of deformed amphibians. A large portion of the frogs they collected had extra limbs, not enough limbs, or no eye ... er, and can change the patterns of the weather. These problems have brought up the potential of the amphibian population levels greatly declining.Since only some species of amphibians show abnormaliti ...

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