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Was the success of the Bolshevik Revolution because of their power and skills or the weakness of the Provisional Government?

riticize the Provisional Government. On the other hand, Lenin promised "Peace, Bread, Land" in his "April Theses" which attracted a lot of peasants because these were exactly what they longed for. The ... ut of the war. However, on the other hand, as it was mentioned in the last paragraph, Lenin in his "April Theses" had promised "Peace, Bread and Land" to the people. These three items were exactly wha ...

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April thesis - Lenin ignores centralized government

er to be known as Vladimir Lenin, emerged through the diverse crowd of revolutionaries and with his April Theses took control over Russia; creating the first ever Marxist nation. Once in power, Lenin ... industry, and element of Russian society. These decrees were initially illustrated in Lenin’s April Theses, so these decrees did not come as much of a surprise to the citizens of the USSR, but w ...

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Why Did The Bolsheviks Suceed In Gaining Power In 1917?

apt attention of large crowds. His speeches consisted of promises to the Russian people such as the April Theses, where Lenin promised "peace,land and bread". He also intended to redistribute land to ...

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How Crucial Was Lenin's Role In The November Revolution?

a leading role in the party. Lenin's first step after his return from Switzerland was to issue his April Theses, which as well as outlining Bolshevik policies, also illustrates Lenin's personal deter ... here are other examples of how Lenin was crucial to the Revolution. For example when he returned in April, Lenin brought increased finances to the party, which strengthened them. Lenin also sent agita ...

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Provisional Government

ssia effectively without the support of the people. In some respects Lenin's return to Petrograd in April 1917 was another cause of failure to the PG because he was indirectly making them weak. Even t ... l political freedom and set out his analysis of where Russian politics should develop in his famous April Theses. In his publication Lenin dismissed dual authority and suggested that the soviet was th ...

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