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Water testing.

st): Tested for the amount of Nitrate in the brookResults-data (see attached)QB-07HemipteraDiptera (Aquatic Fly Larva)Odonata (Dragonfly)QB-104 scuds (amphipode)1 cranefly larva (diptera)QB-13ScudMayf ... 72 stonefly larva4 rifflebeetle larvae6 watersnap flyMR-026 scuds2 stonefly larva1 dobsonfly larva1 aquatic sow bug1 pouch snailIn site QB-07, the following were found: Hemiptera, Diptera (Aquatic Fly ...

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solution paper

Kayla MarquesMay 18, 2014ENC1102Mr. GarciaThe Aquatic Past of HumansThe evolution of humans is constantly in question. The most common evolution t ... s area are covered in hair and walk on four legs. None of these adaptations are seen in humans. The Aquatic Ape Theory of evolution states that humans evolved from the sea and had an aquatic era. Basi ... the sea and had an aquatic era. Basically, it is the idea that our ancestors were trapped in a semi-aquatic environment and over time, altering their bodies to be more effective in the water. Physiolo ...

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