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How useful is Peter Weir's film "Gallipoli" in the study of Australia's involvement in WWI and the creation of the ANZAC legend?

ent in the 1915 Gallipoli campaign, focusing on the fictional lives of two young idealistic mates - Archy Hamilton (Mark Lee) and Frank Dunne (Mel Gibson) who become best buddies and decide to enlist ... nt, training, trench warfare and the danger of imminent death.The movie opens off with the scene of Archy training for his hundred yards sprint. "What are your legs? Springs, steel springs. What are t ...

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"Gallipoli" released in 1981 directed by Peter Weir stars Australian actors Mark Lee as Archy and Mel Gibson as Frank. The movie starts in the outback of Western Australia and progresses t ... es of Gallipoli in Turkey at the beginning of World War I. The film begins in 1915 with two friends Archy and Frank who almost starve in the desolate outback. In search of something better, Archy, a p ... ces Frank, another runner, to join the fight. They meet up during training in Eygpt and Frank joins Archys battalion and they race around and have more fun than they ever had in the outback. The Great ...

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Caste System In Hinduism

divides people into four different castes, or Varna. They seem to be associated with level of high archy which go in the following order; Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishya and Sudra. Also, the "untouchable ...

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Physical Journey - Peter Skrzynecki

ere the audience sees an array of hands loading bullets into guns and the soldiers writing letters. Archy's quote "there's a feeling we're all in an adventure that's larger than life" highlights the i ... oted from the lieutenant in charge, explores the effects of the war on an individuals (in this case Archy's and Franks) sense of self. Frank is conveyed being the man who doesn't want to go to war as ...

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