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Arendt and feminist spheres

In The Human Condition, Hannah Arendt discusses three different spheres and how they are applied to public and private spheres. The ... spheres. These definitions were constructed in the 50s and accordingly times have changed. Although Arendt frequently refers to the ancient world, not much has changed to the contemporary times. Arend ... has changed to the contemporary times. Arendt argues that the past has been destroyed by modernity Arendt grew up in a time of war and chaos in which she was not welcomed to express her true self or ...

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Hannah Arendt, Between Past and Future Chapter 3 Discussed.

Name: Annemarie CreutzbergStudent number: 10573845Course: FPS 410Assignment: 4Hannah ArendtBetween Past and Future - Chapter 3What is Authority?�IIntroductionIn this first chapte ... of the political and social atmosphere of the time.�What is authority historically speaking?Arendt states that authority is often mistaken for some form of power or violence, as authority need ... he 'safety nets' he knew throughout the past. However, now that we have lost tradition according to Arendt we could also look at it as a new way to view the past. She also says that without the past w ...

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Writing Processes

d the groups' research was broader than an individual's normally was" (Harmer, 2001:260). White and Arendt write on this topic:"A […] challenging task which writers face is that they have to or ... I think that it is important to focus on the end product and not only on the process, as White and Arendt say that in writing, irrelevant to which process the writer uses "the main aim [should be] to ...

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