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Aboriginal injustices and breif history recap

ginal communities and the decimation of the fabric to aboriginal society. The European views of the Australian continent, as "terra nullus" is significant as the whites did not recognize aboriginal co ... red the existence of native title in the common law. In one of the most important remarks of recent Australian history two of the High Court judges, Deane and Gaudron, called the dispossession of the ...

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Recent debate about multiculturalism in Australia

In the last century, the shores of the Australian continent have been flooded by a plethora of migrants, especially during the post-war per ... approach be assimilation, allowing migrants preserve their diversity; or total integration into the Australian culture, requiring migrants to renounce their own heritage? Debates abound and they have ... solely academic study.As discussed thus far, the benefits of multiculturalism are plentiful, as the Australian government has already recognised. The government can take a proactive stance on multicul ...

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Aboriginal history - on Keith Windschuttle's black and white fallacy

What has become known as "the Australian History Wars" has sparked a large amount of political, social and academic controversy in ... controversy in recent history. The debate is over the calibre of British settlement/invasion of the Australian continent in 1788 and the British dealings with aboriginal people.There are two main side ... a of these historians is that "invasion and conquest prepared the way for settlement" and it places Australian colonial history in the context of racism. This view has been widely supported within Aus ...

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Cloud street essay

onfined to family life; Cloudstreet is also a historical novel in its detailed evocation of Western Australian society through two turbulent decades after World War II. Notwithstanding, Cloudstreet ha ... pe its meaning.Already early in the saga, it is apparent that the Cloud Street house represents the Australian continent. This idea is crystallised on the arrival of the Pickles family, where Winton e ...

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Austrailian aborigines

Australian Aborigines Prior to the colonization of Australia by the British in the late 1600's, larg ... word "the people who were here from the beginning" (Internet, Aboriginal history and culture). The Australian Aborigines occupied the entire Australian continent, which included the large island of T ... thing else in site. The Ayers rock was recently given back to the Aborigines, October 1985, but the Australian government has control over the tourism that takes place there.The legislation regarding ...

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From as early as 1788, the shores of the Australian continent have been flooded by a myriad of migrants, predominantly during the post-war pe ... society; a conglomeration of unique ethnicities, an amalgamation of both foreign and distinct ‘Australian’ culture.Can we be proud of Australia’s response to this influx of people? On t ... cultural communication when we find it difficult to respect an aspect of another culture. Should an Australian Islamic man be allowed four wives as his religious law states? Or should he concede to th ...

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Investigating Australia's Physical Environments

ces it rains less than 200mm a year. Southern Australia receives light winter rain with dry summers.Australian flora is among the most unique in the world. The characteristically Australian vegetation ... by eucalypts, acacias, wattle, mulga, casuarinas and hammock grasses. The special character of the Australian flora is mainly due to the dominance of eucalypts. Australia’s eucalypts are well ad ...

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An essay on the history of Australia and the early settlers, also list the demographics, culture and influences

Australia is one of the seven continents of the world. The landmass of the Australian continent extends over an area of about 7682 million square kilometers. This is almost as ... eeling) Islands; the Coral Sea Islands Territory; the Territory of Ashmore and Cartier Islands; the Australian Antarctic Territory; and Heard Island and McDonald Islands.Australia is located in the so ...

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List the impacts of changing sea levels and climate on Australia

Australia is an ancient landmass. The Earth is about 4600 million years old and the Australian continent is about 4300 million years old. Over many millions of years Australia has unde ... in.· Australia is the continent with thelowest average elevation. The averagealtitude of the Australian landmass isonly 300 metres. North America has anaverage elevation of 790 metres.· ... y 300 metres. North America has anaverage elevation of 790 metres.· Only 0.5 per cent of the Australian continentis above 1000 metres.AN ANCIENT LAND LOWEST AND FLATTESTDuring the last Ice Age, ...

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Virgin Credit Card – Where to go from here?

fiscal year 2005-2006 with holding 6 %of market share in getting credit card customers from around Australian continent and 20% of new credit card issue market. The problem arose when the 4 major Aus ... 35 and above to 25above as it will widen their target market. Stated earlier the best way to target Australian market is to sponsor an event like sponsoring footy matches, advertising on face book and ...

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