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Media Survey Essay

I have surveyed about 14 people to find out about Australian television .The point of the surveys was to find whether they enjoyed Australian televisi ... e enjoyed sports, Date Line, Home and Away, Rove Live, Neighbours, The Big Arvo, Temptation Island, Australian Survivor, Sixty minutes, Blue Heelers, Water Rats, Stingers, Better Homes and Gardens, Ge ... he Secret Life Of Us.The results I think I will get from the third question from my survey would be Australian actors are equal with American actors. Everyone I surveyed thought that Australian actors ...

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Australia in the 1950s

s the greatest revolution in the entertainment industry was the introduction of the television into Australian homes throughout the second half of the 1950s. As the number of television sets sold skyr ... ollowing. The Emmy-Award winning American drama; Lassie aired in 1954 to begin its 19 season run on Australian television, but this was merely the cream-of-the-crop for numerous children’s' progr ...

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Is Australian Television Racist Task: Analyse a newspaper article or a TV current affairs program (by using an internet transcript) that deals with an issues of multiculturalism and assimilation

A key feature of modern Australian society today is its multicultural background. Our society's multiculturalists like to pr ... al (Moran 2011); and in doing so they pull a veil over the issue of racism. In the news article 'Is Australian Television Racist?' (Burt 2012), we are asked to look at the 'Aryan appetite' of our popu ... individual scheduling, and in this case he appears to be correct. This perspective projects 'white Australians' as an in-group and all other racial or cultural minorities as out-group members (Cole 1 ...

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