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August Wilson's play "the piano lesson".

future which is the American dream,a future that would avenge his ancestors and secure his success. Berniece on the otherhand clings to the heirloom in memory of the blood that stains its wood.In this ... That's why I come up here. I got one part of it. Sell them watermelons and get me another part. Get Berniece to sell that piano and I'll have the third part." (9)The fact that he wants to buy his "anc ...

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The Piano Lesson

uy his own land to farm and start a new life for himself. However, he was confronted by his sister, Berniece, who did not want to sell the piano due to it's rich and painful past that it represented. ... ndition, which I will further explain later in this paper.The two main characters in this play were Berniece and Boy Willie with the rest of the family as supporting characters. Berniece was very with ...

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The Piano Lessen

releasing the past and moving forward in one's life. The central conflict is between Boy Willie and Berniece, a brother and a sister. They argue over their differences in values and beliefs in life. B ... rt a new life for himself, land where his ancestors slaved. He is however confronted by his sister, Berniece, who does not want to sell it because of what it portrays and represents about the family's ...

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The Piano Lesson

I feel badly for Boy Willie. As much as I can understand why Berniece didn't want to let Boy Willie sell that piano, I don't think she even for a second thought ... get just the land he needed. All right, he should've at least been a little more respectful toward Berniece; he was actually rather rude. But at the same time, that piano was just as much his as it w ... was hers, and the least she could've done was talk to him about it and try to settle on something. Berniece values the family's past a little too much in my opinion. In valuing her family's past so m ...

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Berniece, the Central Figure of The Piano Lesson

Berniece, the Central Figure of The Piano LessonAugust Wilson's play The Piano Lesson is an incredib ... aded for slaves. In this story the conflict primarily involves a brother, Boy Willie, and a sister, Berniece. Throughout the play, Berniece takes on a certain role as expectations are placed upon her, ... most noble of men, wants to sell the piano and get money and hopefully pull himself up in society. Berniece is insistent that the piano never be sold because it possesses the history of their people, ...

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