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Notes for "Jane Eyre" by Charlotte Brontë.

he is a sympathetic figure because he has suffered for so long as a result of his early marriage to BerthaThe RiversSt. John Rivers- serves as Jane's benefactor after she runs away from Thornfield, gi ... d Hall, tells Jane that the mysterious laughter often heard echoing through the halls is Grace PooleBertha Mason- Rochester's secret wife, used to be beautiful and wealthy, has become insane and viole ...

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Jane Eyre:Symbolisom With Fire and Water

s, in deep sleep" (139). This shows how Mr. Rochester is oblivious to the uncontrollable passion of Bertha Mason and its possible deadliness. It wasn't until Bertha burned Thronfield that Mr. Rocheste ...

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Report on The 19th century By Erik Nystrom

towards other races. This is illustrated throughout the book Jane Eyre. The wife of Mr. Rochester, Bertha Mason, has an ambiguous racial background and it has become the subject of debates regarding ... ebates regarding Jane Eyre and Wide Sargasso Sea by Jean Rhys. In either book the actual lineage of Bertha's ancestry is probably Jamaican Creole. Attitudes of that era likened a racially "impure" lin ...

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Gothic Elements in Jane Eyre

the supernatural, such as the appearance of Mr. Reed's ghost, the ghoulish and sinister laughter of Bertha Mason, and Rochester's disembodied voice calling out to Jane. Furthermore, there is a great d ... Jane. Furthermore, there is a great deal of suspense that is generated by the violent behaviour of Bertha Mason. The gothic elements of mystery, violence and the supernatural have the strongest prese ...

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Jane Eyre

Bertha Mason's Extraordinary Contrast Author Richard Feinman describes life as "encompassed ... tes the role of minor characters producing major effects for the main character in the story, Jane. Bertha Mason's minor role of the complete contrast to Jane's personality entirely redirects Jane's l ... pposite direction of her status of happiness in life. In Bronte's Jane Eyre, the minor character of Bertha Mason completely redefines Jane's life-- creating a development in Jane's personality that le ...

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An Air of Secrecy in the Novel "Jane Eyre". Express how secrecy drives the plot of the novel Jane Eyre.

tte Bronte's novel, Jane Eyre,Edward Rochester keeps a crucial secret from society: his marriage to Bertha Mason. Rochester continues the air of deception because he deems it necessary in order to cou ... chester chooses to withhold a terrible secret from those around him: the existence of his mad wife, Bertha. Rochester believes that keeping his secret essential to successfully pursuing Jane. Jane dis ...

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Charlotte brontes jane eyre an

epicted representations of a Creole woman and West Indian history which she knew to be inaccurate. 'Bertha Mason is mad; and she came from a mad family; idiots and maniacs through three generations. H ... s's objectives in writing the book: to provide a sympathetic female perspective on the 'madness' of Bertha; and to locate and explore her self-identity. This need to explore her self-identity has many ...

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AP English/Lit September 28, 2001 The Feminist Side of Charlotte

ster take their vows, a strange man announces that Mr. Rochester is already married to a lady named Bertha Mason. This is humiliating to Jane as a woman. It is not ladylike to be engaged to someone wh ... nist woman's longing (Stephen 57). Jane returns to Thornfield to find her love. Jane finds out that Bertha Mason burned the house. Mr. Rochester moved to Ferndean and was in seclusion. After finding h ...

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Jayne Eyre Biography

course of Jane's life, in the end they were merely stepping stones to her utter happiness. Nature, Bertha Mason, and reason are among the many reoccurring themes that formulate this narrative and all ... ious gaze roused me" (183). A great deal of irony can be found in the fact that the moon is a woman.Bertha Mason represents the feelings Jane is reluctant to deal with. Although she is the reason Jane ...

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Comparison between Jane Eyre and Bertha Mason from Jane Eyre

rney to find love, there is some mystery that keeps the reader guessing.Jane experiences several of Bertha’s crazy escapes from the attic, but is completely unaware of who or what she is. This la ... owledge of Jane’s brings in a sense of suspense and terror to the plot. Without this fear that Bertha’s character creates in Jane’s life, the story would just be another tale of love. J ...

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The Red-room in Jane Eyre

ffering.Another possible essence of the red room may be a connection between Jane and the character Bertha Mason later on in the novel. If Jane is imprisoned in the red-room, Bertha is locked in Roche ... . However, whereas Jane is a sane individual who generates rational thoughts when being imprisoned, Bertha is an uncontrollably mad woman. Still, due to the passion and rebellion that they both posses ...

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jane eyre

red room/ the attic of Thornfield) Supernatural/sublime elements (may be explained, e.g. screams of Bertha Mason Hero is often lonely and lost (Rochester and Jane) Villain is epitome of evil (Bertha o ... ideas Personified repressed emotions are more horrific because individuals become enslaved by them Bertha Mason and the Gothic Ghostly presence-there and not there Cause of the inexplicable laugh, th ...

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wide sargasso sea

should she writeCreole women as lunatics and all that? What a shame to makeRochester's first wife, Bertha, the awful mad woman. I immediatelythought I'll write the story as it might have been . She s ... and a history. Thus, hernovel Wide Sargasso Sea is regarded as prequel to Jane Eyre to explain how BerthaAntoinette Mason came to be in the attic of Thornfield house, and how she became, orcame to be ...

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