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Gamma Rays

d industry. The radioisotopespreserve foods. Although the rays never come in contact with the food, Betaradiation kills various organisms such as bacteria, yeast, and insects. Gammarays are sometimes ... which ionizes them. Uranium and othernaturally occurring radioactive elements, which emit alpha and beta particlesfrom their nuclei which transforming into new elements, also emit gammarays. Lo ...

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of radioactive decay: (each based on which kind of radiation released by the nucleus) alpha decay, beta decay, and gamma decay.Gamma rays, also called gamma radiation, are the most energetic radiatio ... can move very fast. It looses energy quickly. Alpha radiation can cause a sore much like a bad burn.Beta decay (beta particle) is an electron given off by a nucleus during radioactive decay. There are ...

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Gamma Rays

industry. The radioisotopes preserve foods. Although the rays never come in contact with the food, Beta radiation kills various organisms such as bacteria, yeast, and insects. Gamma rays are sometime ... hich ionizes them. Uranium and other naturally occurring radioactive elements, which emit alpha and beta particles from their nuclei which transforming into new elements, also emit gamma rays.Long bef ...

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Excellent study notes for all science topics in year 10

in the form of particles or rays.· There are three main types of radiation: alpha particles, beta particles and gamma rays.· The half-life of a radioactive substance is the time required ... 2 neutrons. They travel for only a few centimeters and can be stopped by a piece of paper.· Beta particles are made up of high speed electrons formed by the breakdown of neutrons. They can tra ...

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Analyse the benefits and problems associated with the use of Radioisotopes in identified industries

s.But use of radiation on the human body can carry many side effects. For instance, the high-energy beta-emissions from Co-60 used in radiotherapy for cancer can destroy healthy cells, and cause hair- ... ms associated with all radioisotopes are exposure to radiation by staff/public, and disposal.alpha, beta and gamma radiation can all disrupt normal cellular processes by stripping electrons from biolo ...

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Various Uses for Radiation

the case in steam sterilising. Furthermore gamma rays do not require high pressures or vacuum.Using beta radiation to determine the thickness of paper:When beta particles (electrons) strike material, ... asurement, it is important that the material not be so thick that it stops all (or too many) of the beta particles. It is also important that it stops enough of them. If it is too thin, so few of the ...

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X-ray Interaction with matter

f particle and/or radiation can be emitted from the nucleus during radioactive decay;Alpha particlesBeta particlesGamma radiationAlpha particle; emission of an alpha particle is associated with the br ... . When decay is by alpha emission; atomic number is reduced by 2 mass atomic number is reduced by 4.Beta particles; travel faster than alpha particles-Cause ionization of atoms-Negligible mass-Travel ...

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ed continually over a long time period, there is a possibility that cancer can form. Similarly with Beta radiation, although it can affect human tissue, it can be stopped by thin lead, so ingestion of ...

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General facts about radioactive wastes

stable. These energies are released in different forms, which are further classified into Alpha and Beta particles, Gamma rays and neutron radiation. 2type of radiationpenetrates…blocks by…c ... npenetrates…blocks by…characteristicsAlpha radiationthe skinsheet of paperharmful to lungsBeta radiationinto the bodysheet of aluminum foilGamma raysgo through bodyseveral cm of lead or conc ...

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