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A review of "Beaches" (with Bette Midler) that takes a comical, and almost sarcastic look at the over dramatic story about two friends.

eatening doom, and that gives the rest of the movie a dark undertone. The film opens with CC Bloom (Bette Midler) rehearsing for a big pop concert at the Hollywood Bowl. When she gets an urgent messag ... d it with great sincerity. However, "Beaches" lacks the impulsiveness that people came to expect of Bette Midler in the eighties. This is a movie constructed out of other movies--cliches that were old ...

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captures the human heart and shows the true meaning of 'eternal love', that song is "Bottomless" by Bette Midler. Midler reflected her understanding of true love in the shape of a song that shows love ... l love BRINGS OUT THE BEST IN YOU". This characteristic is quite true in the part of the song where Better Midler sang," My sorrows wash away like rain, the lonely simple joys remain." It meant that s ...

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Gross Manipulations

metimes cast aside as somewhat less significant to society. For example, what determines who is the better looking person between Angelina Jolie and Bette Midler, or Mel Gibson and Rowan Atkinson (Mr. ...

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Examine the cultural significance of the representation of the American witch in any three American texts.

es can be used as an excuse to do things that aren't what feminists should do, such as trying to be better than men and putting them down, as Feminism is about equality for all not just women. It also ... onflicts between different ethnicities within feminism and how if they work together they receive a better end result. The critics of this text explore the misogynic scenes and argue this isn't for wo ...

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