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The stages of vertebrate development from fertilization to neural fold stage.

uid-filled cavity called the blastocoel begins to form within the morula and is fully formed in the blastula. Yolk is most concentrated toward one pole of the egg, called the vegetal pole; the yolk co ... the zygote. In some species, the gray crescent is formed. Gastrulation rearranges the cells of the blastula to form a three-layered embryo with a primitive gut. The result of gastrulation is that som ...

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Helianthoides, commonly known as sunflower starfish, begin their life cycle

ed egg then divides into two equal cells [c] then into four [d] and remains dividing until a hollow blastula has been formed [e]. This blastula is ciliated and hatches out of the fertilization membran ... strula [f]. This is a two layered stage with an inner "endoderm" and an outer "ectoderm." Since the blastula [e] stage, an indentation has been produced in the gastrula [f]. This will give rise to the ...

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