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Gravimetric determination of water in hydrated magnesium chloride

stant mass.Apparatus: The equipment required is:a porcelain crucible and lidtripodpipe-clay trianglebunsen burner and heating matdesiccatortongsa balancehydrated barium chloride.Method: To get rid of ...

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Experiment on amount of fat in the common hotdog. Includes a graph and chart, procedures, materials, and conclusion.

250 mL beaker3. 17 mL of 1.5M NaOH4. 5 mL of Distilled Water5. Graduated Cylinder6. 400 mL beaker7. Bunsen Burner8. Ring Stand9. Tongs10. Iron ring11. Disposable Pipette12.50 mL beaker13. Protective g ... er into the thermometer holder so its tip reaches a few millimeters into the solution.9. Attach the Bunsen burner to the gas outlet, turn on the gas, and light the Bunsen burner.10.Place it underneath ...

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Freezing point of Napthalene

tance, naphthaleneII. Materialsringstand gas sourcetest tube test tube clampsthermometer naphthaleneBunsen burner goggleshose stopwatchIII. Procedure1. Assemble the Bunsen burner, attaching one end of ... ing the sides or bottom of the test tube. Use a clamp to holdthe thermometer in place.5. Ignite the Bunsen burner and using direct heat melt the naphthalene powder untilit completely turns to a liquid ...

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Gram Staining to Distinguish Between Different Types of Bacteria

eous)( Culture of Bacillus Subtilis( Culture of Argobacterium tumefaciens( Water bottle( Wire loop( Bunsen Burner( Glass slides( Paper Tissues( MicroscopeMethod(1) Take a microscope slide and using a ... slide. Replace the dropper in its dropping bottle.(2) Having put on some safety glasses, light the bunsen burner. Take the wire loop and flame it. After flaming the wire loop, dip it in some of the B ...

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Letter to a person who fears fire from the POV of a Bunsen Burner

experiments in the laboratory you have to heat or burn things. The most convenient way is to use a Bunsen burner, like me.When using a Bunsen burner for heating, you must observe some rules of thumb. ... urner for heating, you must observe some rules of thumb. Make sure the rubber tubing connecting the Bunsen burner is secure and gas is not leaking. Place the Bunsen burner on a heat-proof mat. You wou ...

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Coursework...on how much energy content is in food.

mometer each time, I will also keep the food the same distance away from the boiling tube, keep the bunsen burner on the same heat and use the same measuring cylinder each time I measure out the water ... easuring cylinder each time I measure out the water.Apparatus·Boiling tube·Pin·Bunsen burner·Measuring cylinder·20cm3 water·Digital thermometer·Stand a ...

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To investigate the effect of temperature changes to the activity of Enzyme Catalyses.

ermometer5ml syringe (To collect potato)10ml syringe (To measure the amount of solution)Diced potatoBunsen burner (can be replaced by thermosactic water bath if possible)IceGlass rodHydrogen peroxidep ...

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Identifying bond type with physical properties

s7 test tubestest tube racktest tube holderconductivity apparatusDI waterstir rodsscapulaswell plateBunsen burnerdilute HClBeakerplastic wash bottlemarking pen7 unknown substanceconductivity meterProc ... serve the physical appearance of the unknown substance. Record your observation.Step #4) Set up the bunsen burner and light the bunsen burner.Step #5) Adjust the flame so the hot spot, top of inner bl ...

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Investigating attenuation in optical fibres

lot experiments)Infrared transmitter and detectorRuler / vernier callipersKnifeMultimeter (Wires x 2Bunsen burnerPlastic containerTripod and gauzeGlass rodClear gelatine powder2 x 250cm3 beakersMatche ... r calliperKnifeMultimeterWiresPlastic containerGlass rodPower packJelly for vegetarians600cm3 beakerBunsen burnerSafety matBox of matchesTripod and gauzeCling film100g weights x 12Cardboard boxRange o ...

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What is the effect of temperature on the permeability of beetroot cell membranes?

t will be left in the water for the same time after.Equipment:-BeakerThermometerHeat proof matTripodBunsen BurnerCork Borer10 Beetroot cylindersForceps10 test tubesColorimeterMeasuring cylinderAlso to ...

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Lab Report: Determining Percent Yield in a Chemical Reaction

he reaction between copper sulfate (CuSO4) and Iron (Fe).Materials:Balance100-mL beaker250-mL beakerBunsen burnerCopper sulfate crystalsGlass stirring rod100-mL graduated cylinderIron filingsRing stan ... s of distilled water to the crystals.4. Put wire gauze on ring on ring stand, and place the lighted Bunsen burner underneath it. Heat the crystals and water, but do not boil.5. Stir until completely d ...

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Lab Report: Flame Test

of several metallic ions.Materials:Safety glasses10 test tubesTest tube rackPaperPencil50 mL beakerBunsen burnerNichrome wireBarium NitrateCopper NitrateStrontium NitrateLithium NitratePotassium Nitr ...

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Identifying Micro-Organisms

trient agar plates1. 3 water samples2. 1 air sample3. 3 food samples Bunsen burner Sterile pipettes Inoculating loops Sticky tape Marking tap ... ylated spiritsRISK ASSESMENT:1. Glassware - can cause cuts if handled incorrectly2. Bunsen burner - can cause burns if not on safety flame3. Methylated spirits - toxic if inges ...

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Experiment Prac Writeup. for reactions between metals and oxygen, water, dilute water and dilute alkali.

)* 14 test tubes* test tube rack* test tube holder taper matches tripod Bunsen Burner Gauze Mat Metal Tongs Distilled Water SandpaperDiagram:MET ... eacher demonstration1. Place a piece of calcium on a gauze mat on a tripod and direct a hot bunsen flame onto it. Observe And Record ResultsWarning: Magnesium burns with a bright light so do n ...

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Science lab report on finding the boiling point of an unknown substance

substanceHeat given to the water bathOutput:Temperature of the unknown substanceMethod:Equipment:* Bunsen burner* Tripod* Unknown solid* Beaker* Stopwatch* Boiling tube* Stand* Clamp* ThermometerFirs ...

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Change In Matter

t will change into a gas, if the gas condenses, it will turn back into water.Materials 2- ice cubes Bunsen burner Evaporating dish Sheet metal Thermometer Beaker Procedure We will take the ice cube, p ...

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Heating Lead Nitrate

e (Pb(NO3)2.Method About three spatulas full of Lead Nitrate was poured into a small test tube. The Bunsen burner was lit in the usual way and set to the hottest flame. Using a test tube holder the te ... to point the mouth of the test-tube towards anybody. Also lab coats were worn. When not in use the Bunsen burner was turned onto the yellow flame.Observations It was noticed that a brown gas with a p ...

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The Reactivity of Metals. This report give an experiment showing how to find the most to least reactive metal.

6 X magnesium strips6 X calcium strips6 X copper strips6 X iron strips6 X zinc strips300 mL of waterBunsen BurnerTongs (metal and wooden)6 X Medium sized test tubesFunnel20 Ml of Dilute Hydrochloric a ... the wooden peg to move the beakers around. The acid can be corrosive so handle with care. Using the Bunsen burner, you must watch your hair. When some metals burn they can be very bright so it can bli ...

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Law of Constant Composition Lab: Magnesium and Oxygen

error.Materials:Magnesium stripCrucibleCrucible coverClay triangleIron ringRetort standTongsBalanceBunsen burnerProcedure:1.obtained a strip of magnesium between 30-40 cm long2.coiled magnesium strip ... , crucible and cover together.5.Partially covered the crucible with the cover and heated it using a Bunsen burner until the magnesium ignited.6.Turned off Bunsen burner.7.waited for combustion to proc ...

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the effects of chemicals

k. I have also learned the importance of lab safety from things like rolling up long sleeves by the bunsen burner to wafting the smell of gases and not directly smelling them for it could cause burnin ...

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