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Hunger Games Novel Study Essay

. Katniss lives in Panem, a post-apocalyptic nation made up of districts that live in poverty and a Capitol that lives off the resources provided by the districts under the Capitols brute force and br ... control with no freedom whatsoever but does not care whether they are starving to death. While the Capitol is living in luxury, the districts are working hard to provide it. One thing the Capitol ref ...

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From the Capitol to the Districts: Social Class Structure in The Hunger Games

Brewer 1From the Capitol to the Districts: Social Class Structure in the Hunger GamesNovels, especially young adult n ... unfold in The Hunger Games that cannot be disregarded. The interaction between the bourgeoisie (the Capitol and ruling class) and the proletariat (districts and the working class) are key elements to ... tion within a society, both creates and controls the superstructure. The Panem base consists of the Capitol receiving goods from the Districts, keeping most of the wealth for themselves, and distribut ...

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