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Compare and contrast the conductive versus the conductive versus the contractile cardiac muscle fibers.

Compare and contrast the conductive versus the conductive versus the contractile cardiac muscle fibers. Describe their arrangement in the heart and explain the roles each play in th ... LY (highly enriched with mitochondria)· T-tubules, SR· Pacemaker potential· If cardiac muscle is stretched, it causes stronger contractions.· No temporal summation, tetanus ... ; No temporal summation, tetanus and no motor units.The myocardium (muscle heart) made up of mainly cardiac muscle forms most of the heart. Myocardium is the layer that actually contracts. Within the ...

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Heart Disease in the Elderly.

nd heart failure are among the most common disorders.The lining of the heart is composed of muscle (cardiac muscle) which allows it to pump numerous gallons of blood throughout the body, approximately ... e called atherosclerosis (-sclerosis: hardening), which prevents nutrients and oxygen from reaching cardiac muscle cells causing substantial damage, and necrosis (tissue death); when this occurs, the ...

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The Effect of Alcohol on the Heart Rate of a Gammarus

f a Daphnia is regulated by nerve impulses, which are generated by pacemaker neurons located in the cardiac ganglion. These impulses are then transferred to larger follower neurons, which carry the si ...

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Nutrition As It Relates To Aging

skeletal muscle, smooth muscle as well as muscle that affects imperative or function, with loss of cardiac muscle possibly the most important one. Cardiac capacity can be decreased and cardiac functi ...

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Stem Cells

e used to replace the donation of organs.In the near future it may become possible to produce heart muscle cells in the laboratories and then transplant those cells to patients with chronic disease. S ... with chronic disease. Stem research in mice indicates that bone marrow stem cells can produce heart muscle cells and successfully repopulate them. For the patients suffering from type 1 diabetes the c ...

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muscular system

lifting heavy objects. It is made up of voluntary and involuntary muscles, skeletal, visceral, and cardiac muscles, blood vessels, tendons and nerves.Http:// ... Terminology for health professionsWebster's new worlds dictionaryThe cardiac muscle is found only in the heart it is responsible for pumping blood throughout the body th ...

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