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Emily Dickinson's "Because I Could not Stop For Death" "Write a poetry response, noting the imagery and language of the text

lege that death wanted to stop on her, and we see that in the line "He kindly stopped for me". "The Carriage held but just ourselves and immortality". The next two lines show more evidence that death ... show more evidence that death has been personified because the speaker in the poem is sitting in a carriage with him. We can see that person is about to go on a journey with death because she is pick ...

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Life After Death

oem.First we see in the first stanza that the poem is talking about death stopping for her and "The carriage held but just ourselves- And immortality." (671) The immortality hints to a life after deat ... realization that so much time has passed. The final part with the horses refers to the horse drawn carriage the woman was riding in when she passed away. In those two final lines, the horses seem to ...

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"Because I Could Not Stop for Death" by Emily Dickinson.

ear that it is inescapable, though, when she says, "He kindly stopped for me." The next lines, "The Carriage held but just Ourselves-/And Immortality," signify that the miracle of life is our most pre ...

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"A Visit to Grandmother"

of his lighter skin color. His mother told a story where she and GL rode into town on a horse-drawn carriage and the horse went out of control. When GL did not know what to do his mother somehow grabb ...

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Shoe Maker

do. He was peeping through the closed blinds to see what was going on in the street, when a little carriage passed by, drawn by servants dressed in blue and silver. In the carriage sat a prince, and ... in the blistering sun. "Oh, if only I were a prince!" said the shoemaker to himself, as the carriage disappeared around the corner. "Oh, if I were only a prince, and could go in such a carriag ...

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Death Views

I could not stop for Death" Dickinson and Death are the only characters on the journey. "The Carriage held but just Ourselves "“" (3) shows they are alone in the carriage. She is dyi ... . In "Because I could not stop for Death" the poem goes from the woman being picked up in the carriage by Death, through her stages of life, to Eternity. "We passed the School, where Children st ...

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Journey to the end, An analysis of Emily Dickinson's "Could not stop for Death"

e. Instead of possessing a fear of death, the deceased takes note of the polite manner in which the carriage takes it time. The slow pace displayed that the death carriage "…knew no haste" (l.5 ... In the first stanza, she begins her journey with a gentleman named Death who takes her along to the carriage "the carriage held but just ourselves - And Immortality" (l. 3-4). In the first line, the p ...

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conflict story

latter of the train wheels pumping underneath me, the damp but soothing smell of the wooden floored carriage filled my nose. My heart was beating so rapidly it felt like it was trying to burst through ... wasn't an ordinary train because it wasn't carrying any ordinary cargo. The train consisted of six carriages, four of which contained the very reason that we were there, the other two were passenger ...

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