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Effect of Fins on Bottle Rockets and Notes on Fins

kets and Notes on FinsThe goal of the fins is to insure the stability of the rocket, by pulling the center of pressure (CP) at about 1 diameter of the rocket under the center of gravity (CG). To do th ... gravity (CG). To do that, we can act either on the area of the fins or on their position toward the center of gravity. The lower the fins will be, the less the area of the fins will be important.Minim ...

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Bug up physics coursework

AimThe aim of the experiment was to find out what happens to the jump height if you add mass to the bug up toy ... h was made against the ruler so that height could be seen on the ruler and written down. The amount of a bug up toy itself is 8.15g so that the starting mass in the table of results will be 8.15g whic ... creasing every time by 2 g. I will launch the bug up toy three times with increases the reliability of the results gain the mass and 3 jump heights were written down in the table and the average jump ...

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Shot put

-stand with back facing direction of throw at the back of the circle (b) preparation for the glide -center of mass lowered and primarily on right leg (c) glide -short body movement to give the shot mo ... n right leg (c) glide -short body movement to give the shot momentum -hop-like movement keeping the center of mass low and over the right leg -ideally both feet arrive at power position at the same ti ...

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Rocket Lab

if not farther.Procedure: on separate sheet of paper DATA Mass 418g Weight 4.09n Water volume 850ml Center of gravity 31.5cm Center of pressure 31.5cm Distance 120m Velocity 23.62m/sec.Momentum 9873.1 ... ry: We learned the basic fundamentals of the distance objects travel when considering mass, length, center of pressure, center of gravity, water volume, height of the rocket, weight of the rocket, fin ...

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Analysis Of Clausewitz's Interrelationship Between

of "political object" and that of "military object" I find it helpful to review the definition of a center of gravity as defined in physics, as Clausewitz does in his book, On War. "A center of gravit ... z leads the reader through a myriad of options in his search for the theoretical war definition of "center of gravity." These options do offer precise definitions in regard to war though. Clausewitz's ...

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