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Unemployment in Australia.

nducted by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, statistics from the Job Network and statistics from Centrelink. Also, the Australian Bureau of Statistics take sit further in that they attempt to categ ... tizen and support a child between 12 and 15 years of age is required to attend an annual meeting at Centrelink, or a program which involves the undertaking of community service and/.or part time work. ...

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Groups in Context(Families In Crisis)- Conduct a detailed investigation into the group of your choice.

n the nature of the crisis. For example; legislation and policy in regard to financial support (eg: Centrelink), natural disasters, family breakdowns and domestic violence.The Australian Constitution ... ntre link provides numerous payments to assist families in crisis. Legislation around payments from Centrelink is legally bound by Commonwealth Acts and other legislative sources; for example The Fami ...

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Social Work Modes of Practice - Community Development

ecessity for individual casework and organise regular contact with prominent local businesspersons, Centrelink staff and employment agencies before the factory closes to enhance the process and minimi ... dual role of the community worker.Regular contact with the group to work through issues relating to Centrelink and getting a fair share of the available resources is important. The Bonlac workers need ...

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Monologue of a seeverly abused young adult "Sam"

ion, no worries in the world. But now its harder and we are always wanting more and a stronger hit, Centrelink only give us so much. Needles break easily and Brock and I can only share we don't know w ...

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nd cost more avoidable budget with the government, including police, community service, legal aids, Centrelink and the department of aging, housing, health and corrective service. Research shows that ...

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