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The Primary Immediate Causes of the French Revolution.

cause by a myriad of problems. The lead up to 1789 saw a sharp reversal in the economic and social developments making a condition favorable to revolution. Contributing factors can be seen in the sev ... ere also disrupted because of inconsistent harvest. The monarchy had through the nation into severe debt and in 1786 the Controller general of finances, Calonne reported to the King that radical refor ...

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french revolution

to decrease the luxuriousness of the king's court. Each reform failed miserably.On the other hand, Charles Alexandre de Calonne, was selected finance minister in 1783, he restored "lavish spending re ... he restored "lavish spending reminiscent" {3} during the time period of King Louis XIV. By the time Charles joint the Assembly of Notables to discuss the financial situation, was bankrupt! The king di ...

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