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Human vs cetacean divers

four and one-half times greater than theyare at the surface. At this depth, pressure on the diver's chest cavity, lungs, and air within the lungs causes gases such asnitrogen in that air to dissolve i ...

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Breathing in Humans.

intercostals muscles contract. the diaphragm moves downwards increasing the volume of the thoracic (chest) cavity, and the intercostals muscles pull up the ribs to expand the rib cage and further incr ...

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The Heart

racts and squirts blood into the blood vessels, is about the size of a fist, and is situated in the chest cavity behind the sternum. The heart is the only organ that you can feel working. Blood ...

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Minimally Invasive Robotic Laser Surgery in 2028

trollers. The console uses the surgeon's hand motions to move to robotic hands inside the patient's chest cavity. While doing this, the camera gets detailed pictures of the heart and the structures of ... res that didn't penetrate deeply into the skin because it caused too much pain to open the abdomen, chest, or skull. In 1846 anesthesia was used by William Morton, a dentist. Morton is credited with t ...

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Study of lung capacity of an individual by using spirometer

rough the larynx (where speech sounds are produced) and the trachea which is a tube that enters the chest cavity. In the chest cavity, the trachea splits into two smaller tubes called the bronchi. Eac ... l the oxygen into the lungs. The diaphragm is a sheet of muscles that lies across the bottom of the chest cavity. As the diaphragm contracts and relaxes, breathing takes place. When the diaphragm cont ...

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