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In this Research paper titled "Jean-Luc Godard" I wrote about Godards life making artsy movies in France.

in the late 40's he returned to Paris to study ethnology at the Sorbonne. He became acquainted with Claude Chabrol, Francois Truffaut, Eric Rohmer and Jacques Rivette, forming part of a group of passi ...

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Review of "Madame Bovary", the movie.

"Madame Bovary"The film Madame Bovary is an adaptation of the book written by the director, Claude Chabrol. The main character, Emma Bovary, starts the film on a farm, very bored and looking f ... band dies leaving her child to a life of misery because her debts wipe out almost all of his wealth.Claude Chabrol does a wonderful job of making Madame Bovary seem very real. The crushing drama that ...

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New Wave Theory

, and historians. Aside from Truffaut, the most well known New Wave directors were Jean-Luc Godard, Claude Chabrol, Jacques Rivette, and Eric Rohmer, all of whom wrote polemical articles on the cinema ... Griffith's The Birth of a Nation." Representations 9 (Winter 1985): 150-195.Rohmer, Eric, and Claude Chabrol. Hitchcock. Trans. Stanley Hochman. New York: Frederick Ungar Publishing Co., 1979. ...

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