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Truth and Consequences: taking Advantage of the Loser. On The Treaty of Versailles, Wilson's 14 Points, and their effects on World War I

ly, they surrendered and were forced into a peaceagreement. The leaders of the major allied powers, Clemenceau of France, Geroge ofGreat Britain, Orlando of Italy, and Wilson of the United States, wer ... ed. Instead of choosing to aim for long lasting peace by basing their treaty onthe Fourteen Points, Clemenceau, George, and Orlando drew up a treaty that would causeGermany to go into a nation-wide de ...

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Was the Treaty of Versailles Fair? - by Laura Aberle

en Points weren't accomplished, but he had faith in the League of Nations to sort things out later. Clemenceau had wanted nothing but revenge on Germany, and that was definitely achieved, if not to th ... g Three also feel cheated? Despite the whines heard from Germany about the brutality of the treaty, Clemenceau's wishes for revenge had only been halfway fulfilled. He had wanted Germany broken up int ...

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Why did the allies disagree over the treatment of Germany in 1919?

at Versailles with the establishment of the Second German Empire in 1870-1871. The Prime Minister, Clemenceau was the Mayor of Paris during the siege of 1870-1871, where the inhabitants were forced t ...

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March 2nd 2004 "The weakness of peace treaties is that they tend to address the past war rather than the future peace." With reference to WWI, show how far you concur with this assertion?

present at this treaty, including W. Wilson, president of the USA, D. Lloyd George, PM of Britain, Clemenceau, PM of France and Orlando, PM of Italy. Many people argue that Versailles was a Carthagin ... ould be "peace without victors". This was to make sure that Germany would not be totally destroyed. Clemenceau on the other hand wanted to punish Germany and weaken them to such degree that it would b ...

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Germany disliked the "Treaty of Versailles" only because of the following reasons: a) Loss of land b) Cuts in their armed forces c) Reparations Do you agree with this statement?

o states, but four major powers dominated the conference, France represented by Georges "The Tiger" Clemenceau-the French Première, Britain represented by David Lloyd George-the British Prime m ... g territory in the Pacific. They too gained very little as they were only given a few islands. Also Clemenceau who wanted a very harsh treaty felt that Germany should have lost the Rhineland altogethe ...

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Written Assignment #4: Using several sources illustrate and analyze how different documents illuminate one event.

inishing of World War One, there were four people who were major components in the treaty of Paris: Clemenceau, George, Orlando, and Wilson. Clemenceau wanted revenge on the German's by punishing them ... the treaties because he believed that they were at fault for the war; George was in agreement with Clemenceau although he did not feel that Germany should suffer severe punishment; Orlando wanted the ...

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Vittorio De Sica

inated with acting and movies. This fascination led him to make his first screen appearance in "The Clemenceau Affair" in 1918. He joined Tatiana Pavlova's acting company in 1923 and became one of Ita ...

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The Treaty of Versailles - Fair or Unfair?

had not been decided. So during the New Year, representatives from France, Great Britain, and USA (Clemenceau, Lloyd George and Wilson), got together and their main aim was to produce a treaty (calle ... er. France wanted full revenge on Germany for the destruction they caused to France during the war. Clemenceau's ideal outcome would have been to see Germany destroyed by the treaty. The French felt u ...

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Georges Clemenceau and World War I.

Reflecting on the political career and work of Georges Clemenceau, perhaps the most succinct and appropriate statement is that he was the man for his time ... ich would serve as an example and spread to the nation itself during this difficult period. Georges Clemenceau would respond to that need. Through his policies, tactics and actions politically, econom ... omically and diplomatically both during and through the peace negotiations following the Great War, Clemenceau would prove to be one of the most influential figures for both France and on the world st ...

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Treaty Of Versailles

a part of the 4 main powers but did not have as much power. Furthermore, Wilson, Lloyd George, and Clemenceau each had goals for the peace conference.Wilson was enthusiastic about creating the League ... ot be allowed to take the Rhineland. George was only prepared to make the Rhineland "demilitarized".Clemenceau was mainly concerned with punishing Germany. He wanted to make security for France. Cleme ...

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