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ECO/361 Industry Overview Final Project

ly regulated by government agencies. Congress passed the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendment (CLIA) in 1988. This law established quality and standard guidelines that a laboratory must meet and ... and adhere to in order to ensure the accuracy, reliability, and timelines of patient test results (CLIA- Clinical, 2006). In order to legally process specimens, laboratories must obtain a CLIA certif ...

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A Look at the Affects of the Cruise Industry on Economics, Environment and Society.

ships, some as large as small cities) (Commoy, Polytika, Nadel, & Bulkley, 2005). According to CLIA (Cruise Lines International Association), cruise lines are committed to preserving and protecti ... lties for illegal discharges of oil, wastewater, sewage, and other toxic and hazardous substances) (CLIA, 2010). Regardless of to standards being enforced by the CLIA there are still major environment ...

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Regulatory Issues for Opening a Laboratory

uck a list of the tests they would like to have performed. However, we found out that all tests are CLIA- waived. These tests are not highly complex and may not require specialized equipment. Waived t ... e FDA through the premarket notification or premarket approved process for in-vitro diagnostic use. CLIA regulation recognizes that clinical laboratories can run three types of test systems with refer ...

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