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World Art

ommunity that observes it with an experience that might be aesthetic, emotional, intellectual, or a combination of these qualities.Fine Arts and Decorative ArtsTraditionally, in most societies, art ha ...

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The History and Future of Computers

eir homes. With breakthroughs in computer processing speeds and with computer storage capacity, the combination of this with the reduced size of the computer have allowed for even the smallest apartme ...

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The Tragedy Within The Romance (Winter's Tale)

see by means of the "genealogy" of writing, that the romance we know today was created through the combination of the Greek novels and Shakespearean comedies. This alliance between the two genres is ...

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Style and Theme in "For colored girls who have considered suicide? When the Rainbow is Enuf" by Ntozake Shange

ed a choreopoem. This style is very effective whendone by a skilled poet such as Shange. She uses a combination of rhyminglyrics and a play like format to captivate the reader. The subject matter of h ... ion revolves around howblack women are oppressed and their courage throughout many trials. Usingthe combination of a unique style and riveting content Ntozake Shange sendsa message of hope and pride t ...

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Infidelity In Literature

ncertainty, and insecurity. It is a symptom, which does not simply arise from a physical need but a combination of physical and emotional void. Despite our familiarity with adultery, we still do not u ...

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Report about the hero in American movies

rfect and has his flaws. The hero in today's movies needs these flaws and needs to travel through a combination of paths to become a hero. In order to sell movies which decide who a hero is in today's ... ed by Seger is also another determining factor in what a hero is today. McClain travels through the combination myth. He was an average cop when thrown into all this chaos and makes the commitment to ...

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"Drug Terminology"

e with the first American Settlers. Today, American language, or American vernacular, consists of a combination of many languages, incorrect use of English, slang, and other words that come about for ...

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"Drug Terminology"

e with the first American Settlers. Today, American language, or American vernacular, consists of a combination of many languages, incorrect use of English, slang, and other words that come about for ...

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Learning from Data

be accepted as valid. Learning is an iterative process, and the final model usually results from a combination of prior knowledge and newly discovered information. This improved model often can give ... lgorithms with the detailed pattern recognition abilities of neural nets. GA's are used to identify combinations of technical indicators that are most accurate at forecasting FX exchange rate changes, ...

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The Biology of Beauty

uch an important role in sexuality and power. What is beauty? According to thisarticle, beauty is a combination of symmetry, special qualities, and traits. Symmetry is perhaps ...

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Personal Identity, piece of diary

nt.The way one sees things and their judgement is varied by ones own personal identity. This is the combination, result of many factors. Like the majority of our physical appearances is already destin ...

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Fate's misfortune in Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet"

te is blamed in the play as the ultimatecause for a mishap, there is always an underlying action, orcombination of them, on the part of human beings that decides theconsequences. Human weakness, the l ...

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Transcendentalism, the Philosophy of the Mind

formed. The transcendentalist ideas of God, man,and the universe were not all original, but were a combination of otherphilosophies and religions.One of the major questions of philosophy is 'What is ... e kind of thinking organ which people have, and aredetermined by it's nature.Transcendentalism is a combination of beliefs, some of whichare from other religions and other people and their philosophie ...

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Quebec Seperation

as a whole has many unique qualities. Our most valued characteristic is our cultural diversity. Our combination of Anglophone and Francophone regions throughout our country and their ability to work t ...

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d a role in bringing about the depression; however, the main cause for the Great Depression was the combination of the greatly unequal distribution of wealth throughout the 1920's, and the extensive s ...

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The Telephone System

been done by shouting from one hilltop or tower to another. The word 'telephone' originated from a combination of two Greek words: 'tele', meaning far off, and 'phone', meaning voice or sound, and be ...

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Journalism on the Internet, Compares the Internet to other types of media

and combines them into a veryunique form. The Internet is the best way to retrieve information.This combination of paper publishing, TV, radio, telephones, andmail is the future of communications. The ...

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A good essay on Parkinsons disease. Written for a medical class

ieve that geneticconditions are responsible for the disease. They instead think that it could be thecombination of a genetic preference and an unidentified environmental stimulate. WhenPD occurs, dege ...

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The Graying of America - Population aging.

taxes, increase the debt, print more money, reduce Social Security benefits immediately, or do some combination of those things to rectify the Social Security cash-flow imbalance. The surplus will be ... of payments, taxation of benefits, an increase in the age at which people become eligible, or some combination of these strategies. If steps are not taken, not only are there increasing numbers of el ...

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"old age sticks" by E.E. Cummings analysis

youth yanks them". This is saying that youth doesn't respect the old. But this line is also used in combination with line 6 saying "youth yanks them down", saying that youth just rips the old people's ...

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