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Spoken discourse

.e. they take turns, these two parts can be analysed according to Anna-Britta Stenstrom's theory of conversation described in her book An Introduction to Spoken Interaction. Her description of interac ... m, exchange procedures and accompanying strategies. These are used by speakers who are engaged in a conversation, that is why only the two interviews from the spoken discourse in question can be analy ...

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Analysing two speaking activities.

properties of everyday communication. This is a quotation from M. Stubbs' textbook (Stubbs 1983:1).Conversation analysis (CA) offers an approach to discourse that has been extensively articulated by ... d Garfinkel who developed the approach known as ethnomethodology , and then applied specifically to conversation. CA differs from other branches of sociology because rather than analyzing social order ...

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Critically comparing and contrasting two approaches to discourse analysis.

ally describe and compare two approaches to discourse analysis, namely, Speech Act Theory (SAT) and Conversation Analysis (CA). This comparison will cover the strengths and weaknesses of each approach ... ted. Being able to articulate a single illocution is not the same as being able to participate in a conversation. Communicative interaction is influenced by the hearers or reader's presuppositions, cu ...

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Text and Disocourse Analysis

I am going to analyse the first extract, using the cohesion and conversational analysis analytic techniques, and to a lesser degree, modality. The text is a scripte ... ibed as a mini lecture in the middle. There are a number of techniques used in the text, which is a conversation between two characters, but there is some evidence of a third character in the stage di ... g to include the stage directions in the analysis, as these play an important role when reading the conversation as a piece of text, in order to make sense of what is happening.Conversational Analysis ...

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Turn-Taking in a Casual Conversation

Sarah FolksCOM 47012/3/2013Turn-Taking in a Casual ConversationAlthough a conversation with an acquaintance often feels as effortless as breathing, the ... king turns is fairly structured and frequently follows a predictable pattern. I've noticed, through conversation analysis of two different types of conversations, that individuals who appear to be fam ... rent types of conversations, that individuals who appear to be familiar with each other use certain conversation techniques more frequently than others to effectively manage the turn-taking process. T ...

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