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Be Bop

nge and control to sing it well.The Bop era, which lasted from 1945 to 1960, was also the period of Cool Jazz.This style was very similar to Bop but it avoided it?s irregular rhythms. The leaders of t ... rn cities of the United Stated mostly among white musicians. In the eastern cities, the opposite of Cool Jazz arose. It was called Hard Bop. This style was very vigorous and highly energetic. These so ...

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Miles Davis

he performed, Miles Davis created a new breed of his own, the more well known ones being bebop and cool jazz. Kahn quotes Davis in his book Kind of Blue by saying, " there was something about the tim ... at first received little attention but which was to be released in 1957 as the famous "Birth of the Cool" album. In the interim the music that Davis and his band were producing was to have an enormous ...

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Bebop Jazz and its Influence

y listen, instead of dancing. After bebop other styles of jazz developed, such as progressive jazz, cool jazz, and hard bop. These three styles of jazz, in the opinion of many people, imparted a subst ... ll hear the enduring influence of bebop in most jazz forms that have followed it. Progressive jazz, cool jazz, and hard bop are three styles to have evolved from bebop jazz. It is likely that these th ...

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