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Notes on The Hellenistic Age: Cultural Diffusion

sed a shift in focus from the city to the oikoumene (the inhabited world); parochialism gave way to cosmopolitanism and universalism as people began to think of themselves as members of a world commun ... d a fusion of disparate peoples and the intermingling of cultural traditions.* HELLENISTIC SOCIETY--Cosmopolitanism:- Hellenistic society was characterized by a mingling of peoples and an interchange ...

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John Tomilson and the Global Culture

ived experience of the Globalization’, as well as developing a theory of Cultural Identity and Cosmopolitanism. It is important at this point to clarify Tomlinson’s understanding of Globaliz ... John, 1991. Cultural ImperialismTomlinson, John, 2004.Global Culture, Deterritorialization and the Cosmopolitanism of Youth Culture, Council of Europe Publishing, p.21-32Held, David 1999. Global Tran ...

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Multicultural & Intercultural

politan world this dynamic flow of people contains potential for the development of a laissez faire cosmopolitanism in which the adoption of a multilingual repertoire suited to specific contexts and p ...

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Study Outline Jotes for Chapter 24 The Birth of Modern European Thought

nlightenment provided late-nineteenth-century Europeans with a heritage of rationalism, toleration, cosmopolitanism, and an appreciation of science.oRomantic ideals provided a value of feelings, imagi ...

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Globalization's Unethical Practices

those of groups or individuals or, at best, relegating them to second rank. (Friedman 2002, p21-36) Cosmopolitanism offers an alternative vision of international life. In repudiation of the state-cent ... rs an alternative vision of international life. In repudiation of the state-centric realist vision, cosmopolitanism promotes the idea of a worldwide ethical system transcending government limitations ...

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Mohan Rakesh, Modernism, And The Postcolonial Present

ntic nationalism and ironic individualism, Left ideology and a skeptical humanism, nationalism, and cosmopolitanism, center and periphery, village and city. Approaching him as a paradigmatic figure, t ... nist fully cognizant of Western movements but also fully committed to an indigenized aesthetic, his cosmopolitanism inhering precisely in the cultural ambidexterity of his vision. If Rakesh's linguist ...

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Richard Wilbur’s Contribution to American Culture

zed its nineteenth-century culture as something based on the "curious marriage of provinciality and cosmopolitanism whereby they remained provincials in heart and cosmopolitans in mind." (Wells, 87)St ...

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