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Ast's ADVANTAGE 9312 (Communicator)

RAM is used to allow large programs to be brought up with easy and speed.There is 256KB of external cache.The multimedia package has a 8x speed IDE CD-Rom thats backed up with a 16 bit Sound Blaster c ... d a free one year, on-site warranty.Technical SpecificationsProcessor:166MHz Intel Pentium processorCache:256KB external cacheMemory:24MB EDO RAMStorage:2.5GB hard driveOne 1.44MB, 3.5' floppy driveMu ...

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Microarchitecture of the Pentium Pro Processor

ch was taken. A fundamentalfact of today's microprocessor implementations must be appreciated: most CPU cores are notfully utilized. Consider the code fragment in Figure 2 below:The first instruction ... st instruction in this example is a load of r1 that, at run time, causes a cache miss.A traditional CPU core must wait for its bus interface unit to read this data from mainmemory and return it before ...

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