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Cross-cultural study: The Philippines

In Philippino culture life mainly revolves around the family, and that also means the extended family including se ... s on personal visits to extended family members "left behind" in the Philippines. Australian culture is quite different in the way that the family is not quite as important. It still plays a la ... opportunities. Age, power, prestige, wealth are the main sources of authority in Philippino culture. In the family age determines a hierarchical system of authority, which flows downward from ...

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Ancient Greek Architecture

Ancient Athenian Architecture was both diverse and innovative and gives us greater insight into the culture, life style and religion of the ancient Athenians.Greece was rightly seen as a historic fron ... e stated, "Of all things the measure is man" (Protagoras). From this quote it is evident that Greek culture emphasized the beauty of the human body, and created idealized male and female forms still u ...

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Analysis of the film 'Uncivilised' as an ideological vehicle of subjective expression and representation in Australian society.

epresentation. Subverting and ignoring any truthful knowledge or realistic portrayal concerning the culture and character of Indigenous Australians, Uncivilised is simply an amalgamation of the prejud ... h century. The film reveals a supremacist attitude against Indigenous Australians within Australian culture which seeks to define Aborigines as savage, primitive, wild and simply uncivilised. Whether ...

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Human Personhood Begins at Conception

ribe actions, and one who is responsible for his or her actions. I believe that we are living in a "Culture of Death," as opposed to the "Culture of Life." It is thought that people will soon believe ... Abortion is the problem, but I wonder when people will realize that the real problem is sex. In our culture, there are pro-life and pro-choice advocates. Personally - as a pro-life advocate - I believ ...

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assisted suicide

ing viewpoints database "Assisted suicide occurs when a physician provides a patient with the means of ending his or her life-usually a prescription for a fatal dose of drugs. The patient takes the dr ... er life-usually a prescription for a fatal dose of drugs. The patient takes the drugs independently of the doctor." Assisted Suicide (also known as physician assisted suicide) has been an issue that i ...

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