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Critical analysis of "Dangerous Minds," by author John Pekkanen

Critical AnalysisIn the article "Dangerous Minds," author John Pekkanen uses Authority, Emotion, and Fact in a non-biased manner to d ... nguage suggests that we should show fear. For example he uses slashed, stabbed, mentally disturbed, dangerous, assault, imprisoned, delusions, blasting, shot, murder, and attacked (135-138) to describ ... are only three options: hospitalization, outpatient treatment, and jail.Works CitedPekkanen, John. "Dangerous Minds." Readers Digest. December 2003: Pages 135-139

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Movie review (Hard Ball)

-hitting than either of those family-friendly, comedic efforts. A more apropos likening might be to Dangerous Minds, the flaccid, Hollywood-ized tale of a teacher who makes a difference to her underpr ...

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minority voters

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