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Women's Right to Vote

nizedby a group of women who had been active in the antislavery movement. When they wererejected as delegates to an abolitionist convention because of their sex, they vowed to turntheir attention to w ...

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ederation of monarchies still remained though that wouldreign over the German states. Two houses of delegates were created. Onecalled the Reichstag which was elected by universal suffrage, and an uppe ... d. Onecalled the Reichstag which was elected by universal suffrage, and an upperhouse consisting of delegates representing the German princes. Bismarckas chancellor usually tried to have the Reichstag ...

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The Writing of the American Constitution

gton was elected chairman of the convention.The founders were all very well-educated. Over half the delegates had collage degrees, which was rare in the North American continent at that time. T ... rican continent at that time. They also had experience in governing . More than forty of the delegates held high offices in state governments , including three who were governors. The founders ...

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Indigenous language and culture: What role is played by communication technologies in the maintenance of indigenous language and culture?

ession (1998) of the Centre for Human Rights' Working Group on Indigenous Peoples a large number of delegates stressed the importance of their language to them 'not only to their education, but indeed ...

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The title is "The Declaration of Independence." It is about the signing of the declaration from the perspective of a person living in July 5, 1776, the day after it was signed.

It was only with great courage and perseverance that the fifty-six delegates of the Second Continental Congress successfully and unanimously approved the Declaration o ... orously defended the work during sessions of Congress, (more passionately, perhaps, than his fellow delegates as he felt strongly about the matter at hand,) and it was fairly well received.Years ago, ... dered our seats, ravaged our coasts, burnt our towns..." However, the punishment that all fifty-six delegates would indisputably receive was not enough to cause them hesitation when it came time to vo ...

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The Use of The Second Amendment In The American Home

ship rights could become dangerous to personal freedom.When the U.S. Constitution was written, some delegates thought Militia was military forces because the Federal Government had its own army to pro ...

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Napoleon's Role at the Battle of Waterloo

of Elba, and Louis XVIII was made ruler of France. In September 1814, the Congress of Vienna, with delegates from most of the nations of Europe, got together to discuss problems arising from the defe ...

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The Stand of the Confederate States of America

successively by the states of Florida, Mississippi,Alabama, Georgia, and Louisiana. A convention of delegates fromthese six seceding states assembled in Congress at Montgomery,Alabama, to organize a P ...

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Title: Was The Federalists Papers really propaganda in the same sense as the Declaration of Independence and Paine's Common Sense?

ation with Great Britain. Most, however, weretrying to find the middle ground. The attitudes of the delegates in Congress inactuality reflected the sentiments of the people. At first, most Americasbel ...

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A Well-Thought Framework, Amendments, and Judicial Review Have Helped the Constitution of the United States of America Stand the Test of Time- essay that got 2nd place for a scholarship!

In 1787, the Constitution's authors philosophically pondered what constitutes good government. Many delegates believed the document which emerged from the Constitutional Convention had established suf ...

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Constitution of the United States: Our Living Constitution

lphia Convention, which was later called the ConstitutionalConvention, began on May 25 1787. The 55 delegates that framed the Constitutionarrived at Philadelphia's Independence Hall, which was then kn ... oved the texton the Constitution on September 15, and on September 17 all but three of the remainingdelegates signed.Before the Constitution could take effect it had to be ratified by at least ninesta ...

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Discuss the causes of the Dutch revolt against Spain. What were the consequences for the emerging power of England?

s that were "owned" (or controlled) by the dukes of Burgundy, and therein, when called upon to send delegates to an estates general, the seeds of collaboration were placed. As Phillip II entered the s ...

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Pre-Civil War Study Notes 1776-1861. A comprehensive guide to major events, laws, and important people before the Civil War.

e slavery in the territoryThe Constitutional Convention- meeting during the summer of 1787 at which delegates from 12 states wrote the Constitution of the United States. At the convention in Philadelp ... s wrote the Constitution of the United States. At the convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the delegates abandoned the Articles of Confederation, the first constitution of the United States, and ...

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Protesting during international financial conferences.

n city, the reaction might well have been complete surprise. Seattle was the meeting of about 5,000 delegates from 150 countries for a new round of global trade talks. Like the Uruguay Round begun in ... and helped lead to the collapse of the talks. When Seattle broke up on Friday 3rd December 1999 the delegates from 135 nations said they could not agree on an agenda for future trade talks. The talks ...

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Alexander Hamilton and His Contributions to the Constitutional Convention

at the Constitutional Convention be called in May of 1787, in Philadelphia. He was one of the three delegates of New York at the time (1782-83). He had a plan of government already outlined to be held ... part of the Committee of Style that formed the completed document. He was the only one of the three delegates from his state to sign the document. Hamilton's views usually won over with the Pre ...

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State House Yard Speech on the Constitution

adelphia Assembly, less than a month after the Constitution was signed. It was intended to nominate delegates to the next Pennsylvania Legislature, but instead, turned into a debate on the ratificatio ...

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Queens: Catherine and Elizabeth, Theodore Roosevelt and Winston Churchill, Hitler and Stalin.

nt sympathetic tilt toward the common peopleCatherine - In 1707, Catherine convened a commission of delegates from all the social classes except serfs to frame a constitution.Before her accession to t ...

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What problems faced the nation in the post Revolutionary period?

onfederation in 1777. America's first constitution, however, only lasted ten years until fifty-five delegates met in Philadelphia with the same common purpose: to preserve the American union, protect ...

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Why is our constitution called "a bundle of compromises?"

On May 25, 1787, fifty-five delegates from twelve states met in Philadelphia to revise the Articles of Confederation. Instead, t ... interstate imports and exports.The compromise of most importance was named the "Great Compromise." Delegates were quite interested in how their state will be represented in this recently independent ... re not given much representation by any means.Sectional jealousy and slavery was another issue. The delegates asked each other, "Should a voteless slave of the Southern states count as a person apport ...

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US Senate Vs. The House of Representative.

senate is the size. The House is much lager then the Senate. The House has 435 voting members plus delegates from the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Guam, American Samoa, and the Virgin Islands. ...

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