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The Fate of Patroclus in The Iliad

t, and for Hector, it was the bronze of the mighty Achilles through his neck which caused his early demise. It seems that no one could escape an agonizing fate. Of these deaths, the most interesting a ... efore, only Patroclus is to blame for his narrow minded decision which led directly to his untimely demise.Finally, because of Patroclus' inferiority to Achilles in battle, he was responsible for his ...

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What is Iago? -- as distinct from what he pretends to be -- and what are his motives?

otting. He uses these traits to his advantage by slowly planning his own triumph while watching the demise of others. It is this that is Iago's motivation. The ultimate defeat of good by the wrath of ... tragic flaw. He made himself susceptable to Iago and the jealousy within him begins to lead to the demise of others. By his actions Othello has isolated himself from everyone except Iago. This gives ...

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estions and hesitations that entice and implant images into Othello's head that lead him to his own demise. More importantly, Iago gives Othello the motive to murder his own innocent wife Desdemona, s ...

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es of suggestions and hesitations that entice and implant images in Othello's head that lead to his demise. But what is more important is that he gives Othello the motive to murder innocent Desdemona. ...

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The Loss of Humanity in MacBeth

they tellhim their prophecy of him becoming king. This makes Macbeth ambitious, and it leads tohis demise. Once he kills Duncan the change rapidly begins to accelerate. By the end of theplay, and Mac ... hes prophecy thathe cannot be killed by 'a man of woman born'. This belief ultimately results in hisdemise. Macbeth kills a young soldier on his way to confront Macduff, and he does notcare one bit. H ...

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Juvenile Crime

nstable family life and family violence, delinquent peer groups, and media violence. Especially the demise of family life, the effect of the media on the juveniles today, and the increase of firearms ... today have played a big role in the increase of juveniles crimes.The most common risk factor is the demise of the family life and the increase in family violence. Between 1976 and 1992 the number of j ...

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The Crime Film,Compares scarface and Bonnie and Clyde

l all have the final shoot out; and the gangsters will all be overcome by justice or meet their own demise. The reason for the consistency in the films is the publics desire to make an informed choice ... eat shoot out where the law has finally caught up with the villain, ending in the death or ultimate demise of the gangster. The development of the genre is of utmost importance to the production of fi ...

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Socrates Theme Paper

icular idea was that Sophocles believed that hubris is destructive and willeventually lead to one's demise.Creon, the proud king of Thebes has such a fatal flaw. His hubris alienates Teiresias,Haimon, ... manity and his misfortunes were brought aboutthrough hubris, which eventually leads to unhappiness, demise, and or destruction. Sophoclespresented this idea to his audience over two centuries ago, and ...

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Discusses the relationship between Mrs. Grose and the other Characters in "Turn of the Screw" by Solomon's

ough, and so, Solomonhypothesizes, she filters the information to make it seem less extraordinary a demise.Perhaps Mrs. Grose killed him out of jealously. The reader can infer from this point ofview t ...

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The 14th and 15th ammendment to the constitution. The creation, history and result of these ammendments.

evised became the Fourteenth Amendment. This Amendment was created in order to prevent the possible demise by repeal or adverse judicial review, since the constitutionality of the previous legislation ...

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"Analysis of Macbeth and Contribution Towards Theme" -describes Macbeth's decline into cruel tyrancy. focused on how characters provided to the theme,"fair is foul and foul is fair."

em. Macbeth's ruthless qualities are responsible for both his reputation as a hero and his ultimate demise as a villain and tyrant.When Macbeth is first introduced into the play he is portrayed as a h ...

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Hamlet, by Shakespeare

esitation, impedeshis ability to avenge his fathers death, and ultimatelyresults in his decline and demise.The play opens with King Hamlet having already beenmurdered. Claudius, the dead King's brothe ... ing to hismother. This particular hesitation starts the events whichwill eventually lead to his own demise. While yelling athis mother, he hears a noise behind a tapestry and strikesout with his sword ...

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Analysis of the ending of 'Death of a Salesman' by Arthur Miller

The play 'Death of a Salesman' shows the final demise of Willy Loman, a sixty-year-oldsalesman in the America of the 1940's, who has deluded himsel ...

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The Argument from Design - Fact, Fantasy or Wishful Thinking?

us Idea Daniel Dennett wistfully recalls this simple melody from his youth, but does not lament the demise of its literal meaning at the hands of the hero of his book. No thinking adult could still cl ...

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Hemp - The Truth About The Earths Greatest Plant

anned because it was a competitive threat to the wood industry. Corporations that profited from the demise of hemp spread rumors that marijuana was a major drug problem, which it was not at the time. ...

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t militaryoperations in Iraq, most of which have involved the CIA. Their goal was to bringabout the demise of Saddam Hussein. Many attempts have been made to over-throw the dictator usually ending wit ... ramsthat pin-point the scandalous and evil ways of Saddam Hussein and the politicalnecessity of his demise. The Iraqi National Accord, another opposition group,were channeled technical information by ...

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n, although many scientists doubted the success of these, would be the ultimate cause of the crew's demise shortly after lift off. It seems these scientists' doubts were overlooked by a higher author ...

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Norce Farmers in Greenland

e endured to survive within a agrarian society. The authors point to previous studies that link the demise of the Norse colony with climatological data that indicate the "Little Ice Age" had been a pr ...

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Compare and contrast the style of commands of Ghengis Kahn and Napoleon. Incl. Strategy and Operations, and army organization. In what areas did they succeed over their contemporaries?

ed the rise of Genghis Khan and Napoleon Bonaparte--The former finalizing his claim to power at the demise of the Kereit in 1203, and the latter excepting the lead role in the coup d'etat in 1799. Whe ... e penetration all Eastern Europe and lasting as a united Empire until internal conflicts caused its demise beginning in 1248--forty-five years after Temüjin first went to war with the Chin Dynasty.

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speare, Iago is a manipulative villain whose plan of manipulation and deception led to the ultimate demise of Othello.Iago seeked revenge against Othello. He was Othello's supposed friend, soldier and ... w her to "live tonight."(V,ii,l.81)The death of his beloved "pearl"(V,ii,l.343) resulted in his own demise. Overcome by the force of Iago's implanted jealousy, Othello was unable to attain peace of mi ...

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