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Reflection on the book "Night" by Ellie Wiesel

y faith... when people are doing such horrible things. But you know what I sometimes think? I think the world may be going through a phase... it'll all pass, maybe not for hundreds of years but someda ... eve in spite of everything that people are really good at heart."(Diary of Anne Frank)While reading the book "night", my view was that people had the right to lose faith after everything they had to g ...

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The Role of Friends and Family in "The Diary of Anne Frank".

In The Diary of Anne Frank, Anne reveals the importance of friends and family in times of war. Througho ... amily in times of war. Throughout the book, Anne and those in the annex must depend on those around them for their emotional and physical survival. They must take their mind off the war by forcing the ... ind off the war by forcing themselves to think about non war-related subjects to remain sane, which they do by thinking about the others in the annex. Living in the Annex alone would have drastically ...

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The title of the book I read is called The Diary of Anne Frank, written by Anne Frank. This story ta ... Jewish teenage girl named Anne Frank and her family who goes into hiding for over seven years from the German Nazis. When Anne was thirteen she received a diary because she had a passion for writing. ... nne Frank describes her family's journey in her diary. Soon after she had received her diary, her father and sister received a letter informing them that they were to be sent to a concentration camp. ...

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