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Process manufacturing tecnology.

ied out in chloroform. Due to the undesirable health properties of chloroform it was substituted by dichloromethane. Reaction times with this solvent were extended and it was subsequently replaced by ...

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Steam Distillation of Eugenol from Cloves.

40 minutes).3. Place the distillate in a separatory funnel and extract with three 10 mL portions of Dichloromethane4. Combine the dichloromethane extracts and dry over Sodium Sulfate.5. Examine the pu ... While the plate is developing set up a clean and dry distillation set up and distil off most of the dichloromethane solvent.9. The remaining solution of Eugenol in Dichloromethane can be removed using ...

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Isolation of organic compounds from mixtures by solvent extraction.

alene and benzoic acid was weighed accurately on a balance. The mixture was then dissolved in 40 ml dichloromethane and the solution was poured into a separatory funnel.2. 20 ml of aqueous sodium bica ... as poured into a separatory funnel.2. 20 ml of aqueous sodium bicarbonate solution was added to the dichloromethane. A stopper was placed on the separatory funnel and was shaken and pressure was frequ ...

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