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De puniske krige De puniske krige er fællesbetegnelsen for de tre krige, som Rom og den fønikiske koloni Karthago udkæmpede mellem 264 og 146 f.v.t.. Roms sejr over

g; jeg imidlertid nogle steder ty til de senere græske historikere Appian (ca. 150 e.v.t.) og Dio Cassius (ca. 164-235 e.v.t.). Endvidere får man af bl.a. Polybius refereret synspunkter af ... ilket var et brud på 306-traktaten, som derfor ikke længere var gældende. Men som Dio Cassius fortæller, var dette, at karthagerne skulle have hjulpet Tarent, blot "de undskyld ...

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ignifying that he was more than human; for all most precious and sacred object are termed augusta" (Dio Cassius) he gained the name Augustus. He was given this title because the Romans believed him to ... him to be superhuman, for it took an abnormal leader to transform the Roman Republic. As stated in Dio Cassius, the power of the senate and the people were given exclusively to the hands of Augustus, ...

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Roman Government of the Early Empire

ovinces where legions were stationed; out of the 28 remaining legions Octavian alone controlled 26. Dio Cassius wrote " ...he alone had arms and maintained soldiers..." Octavian was secure financially ... his acquisition of Egypt administrated by him directly through his Praefectus Aegypti. According to Dio CassiusOctavian controlled the state treasury and could spend it as he chooses. Because Octavian ...

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Celtic Britain - Different images of Boudicca, Queen of the Iceni, from Roman times to the Present

icca was seen as are from the only two Roman accounts of her battle with the Roman army, written by Dio Cassius in his History of Rome, and Tacitus in his Annals. Tacitus also mentioned Boudicca and r ... ed Boudicca and reasons for the Briton's discontent in his monograph on his father-in-law, Agricola.Dio Cassius, a Roman senator and historian, had a harsh view of Boudicca. According to Source 3 (Dio ...

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Causes of the Boudiccan Revolt (references to modern and ancient historians as well as archaeological evidence).

. All these factors are justified by an array of sources that include Ancient writers ( Tacitus and Dio Cassius), Modern Writers (Todd, Burn and Allason-Jones) and plenty of archaeological evidence wh ... s describes that the Celtic Icenians were willing to take some oppression but "not yet to slavery". Dio Cassius agrees that this was a factor; the mistreatment of Boudicca and her daughters was an ins ...

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“Historians constantly reinterpret the past”. Discuss this statement in relation to the changing interpretation of Boudicca.

e altered since the first historical mention of her in the writings of Roman historians Tacitus and Dio Cassius.In Roman writings, Boudicca was portrayed as a fierce and terrifying woman who "possesse ... fierce and terrifying woman who "possessed of greater intelligence than often belongs to a woman" (Dio Cassius, Roman History c.150-235AD). At the time, Romans had strict principles about the capabil ...

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